Content Producers It's obvious from the poll we recently posted in #suggestions-feedback that a lot of you are looking to help eachother with amazing content which is great! We've developed a beta set-up that will allow this, although it may take some work so bare with us! You can now select a role from the #welcome page to reflect what you're looking to gain out of the community, for more information regarding the roles please check #role-help. - We're still working out the finer details regarding what each level of content producer should be able to do, but at the moment outstanding content producers in the community will be assigned 3 roles based on their activity and willigness to help others and the family. - Silver Content Producers and above are able to post information regarding their content in #self-promo and #clip-share, at the moment the only way to get this role is by being picked by one of the administrators of the discord! ( Please let us know how you think this should be assigned in #suggestions-feedback ) - We're looking to know for what you'd like to be able to do at each role, right now only @Silver Content Producers are able to post in the #self-promo channel, we're thinking of creating other channels for example to share your clips, social media and as the family grows, a way to make members of the Conten Production teams stand out! - A new category has been added called "Content Producers" this is for self promotion and will include other channels as they're suggested! Fragments You are now able to earn currency via the bot on my twitch chat! Simply visit my stream as you would normally and join the chat even when I'm not online, the chat games are enabled in there, I can't enable them on discord so that's the only way I can do it at the moment, let me know if you think it's useful!

This means that the discord is now open to streamers, YouTubers, Music.aly stars or even twitter creators, everyone is invited, I'll be creating more and more channels so we can keep them relevant to the users, but we're looking to grow our family! So if you know any friends who may be interested in the family as a content producer, or a follower, please let them know about us, be sure to create your own invite code so we can track how many users you have invited!