NPC Characters

These characters we felt would better the development of the server if played as NPCs between us mods! These characters can be written with for major plot but ultimately would be used for events! You can write NPCs within your own threads but only in short bursts with nothing huge changed to their background or choices. These characters are mostly a plot point!!

➺ Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

Restricted Characters

Restricted characters are allowed to be applied for, however they may not be your first character. Due to the nature of these characters and their roles, a vibe check is needed before they'll be accepted. Your application may be denied for these characters because you just haven't passed said vibe check yet. Exceptions may be made for people who've already passed a vibe check for these muses in other servers (as per mod approval).

➺Talia al Ghul ➺Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) ➺ Bruce Wayne (Batman) ➺Clark Kent (Superman) ➺Kon-el Kent (Superboy) ➺Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

Banned Characters

These characters should not be requested or applied for in any circumstance. This is to avoid any uncomfortable interactions.

➺ The Joker (We have voted that Joker is dead in the timeline of this plot) ➺ Punchline (Alexis Kayne) ➺ Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) ➺ Tarantula (Catalina Flores) ➺ Darkseid ➺ The Endless (and associated characters) ➺ Mazikeen

Taken Characters

➺ Thaddeus Thawne ➺ Bart Allen ➺ Wally West ➺ Billy Batson ➺ John Constantine ➺ Marco Mardon ➺ Lady Zannah of Khera ➺ Cassandra Cain ➺ Barbra Gordon

Original Characters

➺ Vincent Scarlett

Characters on Hold

➺ Jason Todd