Tons of ppl helping each other out, been getting amazing new members daily and we've been helping push a lot of streamers to affiliate on twitch lately. Starting up some fun Art events, and have a bunch of amazing new features to help with promotion dropping real soon! If you aren't in here you better click that button and join our amazing community of super helpful ppl. The thing that makes us different is that we actually care and want to see you thrive, admins dont get any special treatment, if you put in the work with the community you have all the same promotional features as everyone else in the server!! Come get your much deserved exposure and help us grow as a community while you grow as an artist/streamer!!!!

*When you join youll see a few channels, the most important of which is the RULES please stop in there and click the checkmark to gain access to the rest of the server!

**Second most important is our "gimme da roles" channel where you can self assign some roles that lets us know if youre an artist, a streamer, neither, or both!

***NITRO GIVEAWAY at 275 members! We're currently at 214, Must be 4 in the server to be considered so get in here and start chatting with us!

We're growing fast just like you will be when you join! So come help us hit our goals and we'll help you hit yours!!