⚜⚔Welcome to The Pheonix Sunrise Roleplay Server⚔⚜

⚜about the server name⚜

We died in a nuking as a server. And we changed the name from The Delicate World to Pheonix Sunrise. We changed names to better suit what we are going. Which is rising from the ashes but new and improved. And sunrise is meaning it is just a new beginning for the server. The owner will not give up because of a small nuking.

⚜What we have to offer⚜

🙂 A nice and active community to play with. ⚔ Medieval/fantasy roleplay 😊 No age limits, everybody is welcome. 🎉 Weekly giveaways 🗺 A map of our world 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 All community based server owner has least say 1️⃣ leveling bot 🎨 51 color roles to choose from 🤖 4 music bots 1️⃣ Self-Assignable Ping Roles 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 100+ members 🤝 we accept partnerships 🦄 any race is allowed, even a race you made up yourself like a werebat 😍 a nsfw roleplay area with reaction role to see it 📈 constantly adding on and changing what people don't like 🔥 we have self advising also 🔥 Very active Staff/Moderation team to help your needs 🔥 and much more

⚜Basic Rules⚜

🎭 * action * is for actions 🎭 " words " are for conversation

⚜ Link to server⚜

🐲 https://discord.gg/pU9RrxD