NEW SERVER UPDATE Voice chat Updated now creates Chatrooms and delete chats instantly! Chat room names automatically by detecting the game you are playing and will name the chats accordingly. Give it a try!

General chat update: General chat update: New Rooms added. #🔍game-finder Room : This room will allow you to react to the Emoji to add the game role to your list of owned games. #🔔looking-for-group Room: You may use the new games roles function within #🔔looking-for-group to find others who would be interested in joining you. For Example you may try "@Call Of Duty: MW Jumping into WZ or MP again, anyone interested?" #💡suggestions Room: This room is for the community to suggest ideas to make Gamer's Den better. Tell us in #💡suggestions . (be sure to tag @Staff for faster results). #🤣memes-and-vibes Room: This room is dedicated to all SFW Memes. The memes may be in video or image format. #❗notify-staff Room: This room is dedicated to community members to report user behavior or request assistance from a staff member. (be sure to tag @Staff for faster results) #🎥clips Room: Have you captured a funny moment is a game or a moment worth sharing? Well Feel free to post the clip within the #🎥clips Room. #🎬stream-team Room: This room is for individuals who livestream. This room is for applications to have the ability to host their Livestreams within the #🔴live Room. #🔴live Room: This room is dedicated to the Broadcasting of Live streamers who have been accepted as a partnered Live streamer role. Once your stream is live, the link to your stream will automatically be posted in #🔴live #🤖bot-bin Room: This room is dedicated for all bot commands. #⬆-level-ups Room: This room is dedicated to the leveling system implemented for chat. The more you discuss topics in the chat rooms the higher you level up.

(Game Specific Text Channels) We have added a sub channel list for games. These rooms can be used to discuss the specific game. The discussion must be related to the game. Please stay on topic. This will help reduce the noise generated from off topic banter.(edited)

( Theater Room ) the theater room will allow members of the community and people who join Gamer's Den to take part in some of our movie Nights where we will sit down have a vote and watch a movie