Evaline throws Flora a surprise birthday party. Since her bithday falls on All Hallows Eve/Samhain Evaline based the theme of the party off of Halloween and the Gaelic Festival with a bonfire, floating jack-o-lanterns, and a slight trick or treat event. Each member was given a special mask to wear and those who wanted to participate in the event were given a small jack-o-lantern bag. Inside the bag was a small slip of paper that gave a clue/riddle as to where the golden candy was hidden and sent the participants on a scavenger hunt around the manor. At the end Eaoic won and was given a small tear drop shaped moonstone that would allow him to relive any memory he wanted when it is held for a minute under the light of the full moon. Eddie was given a similar one that could only be used once. As the night went on they had cake and Evaline gave Flora her gift, a large memory globe made out of moonstone that she could use at night to relive memories in her dreams and visit her old friends.