As Summer quickly sped up Evaline and the hosts prepared a festival in honor of the Japanese star festival, Tanabata. Using her magic she allowed the residents to see members who were attending the festival at the real manor back on Earth as well as cover the small island in the front lawn with a bamboo forest. Evaline allowed the group to run freely among the stalls while Flora led a small group around the various food stalls. Evaline dragged Jeremiah around while she followed an image of an old friend of her's and teased him. After everyone had had their fun and sampled all the food they could handle the group made their way to the island where they filled out their wishes upon Tanzaku and hung them from the bamboo trees. When they were finished they made their way to the area of the lawn for star viewing where they watched their wishes get blown up towards the stars as the bamboo forest vanished and their wishes hidden by the display of fireworks. When the fireworks died down Evaline put on a display using the stars to show the story of Tanabata to everyone.