Eaoic Blackstout was feeling reminiscent of his home and convinced Evaline into having a Summer Faire. The two worked hard to set up diverse competitions to determine one's strengths as well as various areas to relax and have fun in. The first competition was an archery one composed of different targets to which Flora won a small Arrow pin. The second competition was a stein holding one to which Arioch won a very detailed mug. The third competition was a sawing one to which Sammy won a small hacking knife. The group took time to relax by spending time with the animals in the bestiary and had their face painted while Evaline told everyone's fortunes. Soon after the group headed for the arena for a jousting tournament. First round was Eaoic versus Arioch. Arioch lost the first match but won the last two. Second round was Flora versus Jeremiah. Jeremiah won the first and third match against her. The third round was a single match Arioch versus Jeremiah with Arioch taking the win, winning a locket to help calm the darkness in one's heart. After the tournament the group had a small feast to celebrate. As the night wound down Evaline left the group to start cleaning, starting in her fortune telling tent. Eaoic found her after the feast and talked a while before stealing a kiss on her cheek and leaving her alone. As she tried to distract herself by cleaning her arm turned black and her magic caused her crystal ball to shatter.