Welcome to the Neon Pub official minecraft server! The server link is NeonPub.aternos.me Please read the following before you continue: The server hosts multiple worlds, each with it's own rules. By default, new players have access only to the default factions world; speak to a mod to get access to the others!

The default spawn world is a free-for-all factions survival world. No rules are enforced in this world (other than no cheats or modded clients). Build your own base, pvp, raid other's bases, anything goes in this world! The factions system is still in development, but the world is up for you to conquer!

The Neon Pub community world is for more trusted members of the community. Pvp only when requested, griefing will get you banned. This is just a world for us to build and expand and survive as a friendly community.

The creative world is a superflat world for creative mode, where players can show off their own creations as they wish. Remember to put your name on your project so we can give you credit for your awesome creations! Griefing will be banned.

The minigames world is also a superflat creative world, where people can make their own minigames in creative and play other's minigames. Griefing is banned, if you make your own minigame, please put the instructions on how to play so that other players can use it!

There is a parkour/pvp world for server pvp events, an arena map based on Assassin's Creed with items around for you to find and defeat other players. Last one standing wins! This world will not be up 24/7, it is only for our server PVP events.