We are three members in our team, developing this NFT project.🚨

We are partners, friends, family! We have a pet little Kitty and this little fluffy ball inspired us to make this happen.🐱

✅ Our main goal is to present to you all crypto trends combined with the emotions and the moments we have from our pet friends.

The reason for this Discord server is to make contact with everyone who matches our interests and together we will build a strong and friendly community.

The project is built on four small but unique collections every single of them has 1000 NFTs. To make it this collectible and valuable we decide that every collection we upload(drop) will be different from the other.

🔴We include in every collection 50 super rare NFTs split in three categories : SILVER , GOLD , DIAMOND. 🔴

🥈 The Silver collection has 25 NFTs 🥇 The Gold has 15 NFTs.