1. We just released 3 new roles! @Polls, @Server Schedule, and @QOTD! You may collect them in #『🎺』roles!

  2. @Polls will correspond with the #『🥃』polls channel, there will be daily polls and fun questions like this or that, or even some suggestions from our casino players!

  3. @QOTD will correspond with the #『🥃』qotd channel, this is also a daily question, but this time you can respond within the channel!

  4. @Server Schedule Is the biggest update that we have. Everything is explained in #『🥂』server-schedule but ill give you a run down here. Each day is a day that can earn you casino points AND/OR badges. Each day is a different day that contains different activities. We will do two daily activities every day except Sunday and Saturday.

  5. We are trying to get this server more active so please if you can, please vote for us using the disboard bot ( #『🎰』disboard ) or using the links inside #『🥂』vote-for-us! If you also provide proof of voting and/or reviewing our server. You'll be able to earn the @Server Bumper and/or the @Server Reviewer badge(s)! You can vote more than once! So please vote every day if you can!

  6. #『🥃』new-drinks is now open to the public! Please send in any new social media posts that you have! You will be allowed to tag the @New Post Announcements on this channel!

  7. We added even more badges for you to collect! Check them out in #『🎺』roles-directory!

Thank you for being a part of the Pixel Casino! We will see you tomorrow for our first server-wide daily event!