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Fun server anyone can join including but not limited to little girls.

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Fun server anyone can join including but not limited to little girls.

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Looking For Someone Who Can Sing Anime Music


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Hello. I started this server to talk with others about Anime and Games. If you are interest i would appreciate joining. You can share your opinions with others, talk with other anime fans or just chill in this server. Any suggestions are helpful.Also this server publish new games and mods.
♡Welcome to SnazzyTime!♡ My goal for this server is to just make this an extremely fun place for people to hang out, make some new friends, and just chat and talk! This server is a SFW server as well »»————-  ————-«« ♡We have really cute emotes!♡ Like reallly cute, we have pikachu, bunnies, doggos, kitties, and many more adorable emotes »»————-  ————-«« ♡Friendly staff!♡ Our staff is extremely friendly, as long as you follow the rules and be kind in return »»————-  ————-«« ♡Custom Roles and Colors!♡ Who wouldn’t love this?? You can pick out your very own roles, and you own colors »»————-  ————-«« ♡Ranks!♡ And yes, of course we have ranks! All you need to do is talk to level up! »»————-  ————-««
Pixl Paradise is a welcoming server created by a few friends with the intention of bringing more people together through similar interests! Gaming, anime, movies; you name it, we got it! (Don't name stuff we don't got.) <3 We don't have any fancy bots or mechanics or anything in our server, simply just a place for anybody to hang, chill, talk, play games or all of those things at once! We'll constantly be expanding the server as we go with community feedback and ideas!
For Everyone That Loves OSU! <3 You can find new friends that play osu!. You can have 1v1 2v2 battles in our discord server!! Youl have lots of fun!
-Random -Small -TF2 -League of Legends -Left 4 Dead 2 -Anime -NSFW -Cute Animal Pics
Its console discord for games like minecraft, anime, or even hentai or porn.