The Programmers

The Programmers is a programmer community server.

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The Programmers is a programmer community server.

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Recent Posts

Advent of Code

Now the time has come: It's Advent. :) And what could be better than programming during Advent? Nothing. ^^

You may have heard of Advent of Code before: On Advent of Code there are 2 daily tasks from 1st December to 25th December. You can get a star for each task. There are 50 stars in total. The tasks are varied and can be completed in any programming language. These are also perfect for practising.

You can sign up there using GitHub, Google, Twitter or Reddit. True coders do this with GitHub. :P

We also have a leaderboard there. You just have to navigate to the [Leaderboard] page and enter the leaderboard code: 1068069-f07e5c92 Whoever manages to own all stars will get the "@Frozen Coder" rank on this Discord server.

We wish you a happy Advent and a lot of fun with programming.

The Programmers: Recompiled

"Recompiled" is a big update of "The Programmers".

CHANGELOG: • This server is now a Discord community server. • The #news channel is now an announcement channel. • This server has now a welcome screen. • This server has now boost level 1. • We now have Moderators. • We added some language channels. • We added additionally to the new channels new server emojis. • You can now react in #languages to get access to a channel. • The project channels are removed due to hardly use of any. • This server has now an invite background. • Our #rules are updated.

Feel free to share your feedback with us.

A collection of small updates

During the last few days there have been some small updates.

Here you can find all the changes: • New #rules • New server logo • New distribution of roles • Channels restructured

Our contest has started. See #tp-contest for more informations.

Please read also the new #rules.

Feel free to share your feedback with us.