What Does The Rad Doodles Offer?

The Rad Doodles is a server that has many purposes. However, our main purpose is to create a community where people are free to like and share whatever they like. We have chats for video games, to a cat chat; memes to tech help; music to art. Whatever you are passionate about, you can share it here. On top of the more specialized channels, our general chat is a place where people from all over the web can come together and just chat. And, if you don't like typing, come join us in our Voice Channels which are usually always active! Do you also like memes? What about some Cringe material? Well we have a channel that takes both, and puts them into one place! Finally, do you like FREE VIDEO GAMES? Well our team of fantastic admins, mods, and even other members will always alert you, yes you, when there are free giveaways for video games!

So, don't be shy, come see what our server is like!