Server Update! Today we have rebranded the server and are no longer known as End Altar, instead we're serving you all a fresh new look and renaming ourselves to The Red Panda. We have a new Icon and Banner and we've even got some fun phone backgrounds that you can download to represent our server in your everyday life.

Podcast Update The newest episode of the Podcast The Red Panda Table is officially out for your listening pleasure. Join me in a light conversation about how my morning is going and how you can improve you self image and much more by visiting the podcast on We're now located on along with all the other fun servers on discord, if you would like to invite your friends to our server using our custom link here it is! and for a direct link it's

Thank you for your continued support and activity As always after each announcement I love to just thank you guys for everything that you bring to the server and I want you guys to keep it coming! invite your friends and family and really just have a great time with us!