Thank you for checking us out. Aspiring PokeTrainer is a YouTuber who has been honing his skills as a ROM hacker and spriter since 2014. He boasts what is perhaps the most comprehensive Pokemon ROM hacking tutorial channel on YouTube. But his true goal is to create an unforgettable hack of Pokemon Fire Red, one that includes its own set of fakemon, custom trainers, custom music, and the originality of the ever-elusive nontraditional plot. Five years in the making, most of this work has already been accomplished, but there is still much to be done. If you are interested in keeping up with its progress, or even helping in its development, please join the server. Our cast of friendly associates are there to point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that we only need help with custom trainer sprites. We're not asking for anything specific other than that. Anything you send us could be put to use if it falls within these parameters:

  1. Dimensions of 64x64
  2. A palette of 15 colors, (16 with the transparent background)
  3. The Sprite is unique and not just a re-color of an existing Sprite. Preferably something not used in other hacks.
  4. It must be made in the style of Pokemon FireRed. For a firsthand look at the kind of sprites we expect, refer to these examples:

Aspiring PokeTrainer's Youtube channel: