~~ The World of Grest - Written and GMed by ArchAngel Aurelia. ~~ Is a Diesel Punk story, full of world politics, ancient technology, and the threat of war not too off in the distant future. Aurelia is an amazingly detailed story teller, with a fully developed world just waiting to be discovered and countless stories waiting to be told.

~~ Twin Ports - Server Ran Roleplay ( 18+ verified story only ) ~~ Twin Ports is a gritty, modern fantasy story, set in a sprawling Metropolis where the supernatural rule the city and live among the unaware humans, thanks to a kind of glamour magic. Three ancient family rule the city in a peculiar balance that at any moment could tip and cause full out gang war. The Fae, who struck a deal with these three families are the only ones who can offer help or peace, but at a steep price. In this dark reality, what story would you tell?

~~ The Garden - Server Ran Roleplay ~~ The Caretaker, by design and orders of The Creator, build what would be called The Garden. A pocket dimension, that could reach any corner of the multiverse. Here the forgotten, the Lost,.. those who need a new beginning are pulled in, and given a second chance of life. How they choose to spend their second life is up to them... but most form teams and go off into the multiverse to help others... as if to pay their debt to the Garden for giving them a second chance. Other's take care of unfinished business,... while some stay in the garden to help others. What untold stories do your forgotten characters still have to tell? Will the Caretaker see them,. and bring them to The Garden Too?