Updates with the server!

It's been a hot minute since we did an update. I think most of us got those pandemic blues, and everything just slowed down. Rest assured we might have taken a brief pause from adding things to the website, but we never stopped writing and role-playing.

Now 2 months later we have an update. We've been going over everything and adding new pages to the website, that will be diligently filling in so that all the current lore will be available. We're adding information on known races so people can pick and choose them if they want. We're also adding a FAQ that is being build by our own new members.

For now, I'd like to talk about what we did finish.

Information has been added about the Galaxy and Solar system the planet of Sanctuary is apart of, along with more details about the whole planet. Plus a page dedicated just to the continent of Relin has been created. We've also updated the tech and magic page as well.

Most importantly, we're building a Settings directory that will be added to every page, to help with navigation.

So visit our website and give it a look.