As August draws to a close, we have some fantastic new features and enhancements. But first, I want to inform all of you about something important to us that we will need support from ALL of you to help us achieve a goal we have set. We'll be 'launching' our app on Product Hunt in the coming months, and we'll need your help to reach our goal by voting & leaving a comment on our 'launch' page on the day it goes live. Below I'll briefly describe what Product Hunt is, and why it's important to us—just know this doesn't change anything. It's strictly to showcase our app and platform and introduce it to users outside of Discord.

In their words, Product Hunt "is a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations." It's important to us as we have recently opened up user registrations without requiring a Discord account and intend on scaling & appealing to more social media traders. This launch will act as our first step towards that milestone, being able to show off our platform to a whole new audience and earn some recognition. We're looking to hit 1 Product Of The Day and to do that we'll need your help by voting for us and leaving a comment on our launch page the day it goes live. In the coming months, we'll publish a blog when we've decided on a date to do this, and a final one on the day of to inform and remind you awesome supporters. You can start supporting us now by subscribing to our 'upcoming' page here. Thank you!

App Updates We have some exciting new features and much needed fixes and are expanding on current features. Traders can now submit trades directly from the browser, and soon when using this function, you'll be able to share that trade directly into Discord via webhooks and to social media-with the ability to build customized messages, embeds, or posts that will save for all future shares. We've also opened up user registrations not requiring a Discord account. Currently, new signups can use Google or Twitter, with more to come. You can now also link these accounts, which will later be used when sharing your trades or choosing to share your Twitter handle on your dashboard-as well as being featured in our #TradeOfTheDay tweets.

CRYPTO IS ALMOST HERE! It's finished & ready for beta testing, just a few final details to wrap up. We'll be doing a whole new interface on the $help command to add all the functionalities related to tracking your crypto trades. We'll also be working on the website aspect of this so crypto positions can be shown on the Trades page & Dashboards. We're VERY excited to be rolling out this long awaited addition. Stay tuned for SPX contracts, futures, & forex to be supported. We'll be adding everything you need to know on our documentation pages on how to get started tracking crypto, as there is some extra settings that go with it such as changing default exchanges, trading pairs, etc. Crypto is here!

All OG badges have been assigned! If you qualified for a badge before the stat reset, you should now see it on your dashboard. If you don't have one and feel you qualify, please reach out to us. Check out the changelog below for all the new additions, changes, and fixes we've implemented over the last several weeks.

To see all the added features, changes & fixes, what's coming next, and the final notes read the full post here

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