Traveler Discord


Welcome to our server! This server is less than 1 month old but we poured a lot of heart into the making! Let me show you what we offer:

✯ Starboard - When messages get 3 :star: reactions it will be highlighted in a channel where everyone can see! ✯ Webhooks - Directly get notified when Genshin posts any news on their twitter even if you don't use twitter! ✯ Welcomer - Cute bot that tells every new traveler the way around the server! ✯ Reaction Roles - Collect a bunch of roles so we get to know you better to complete your profile! ✯ Cute banners made with lots of Paimonial love from the owner! ✯ Community oriented for all regions & all ages! ✯ Very professionally designed server - pls be gentle ✯ Leveling system - up to rank 20 & weekly member of the week! ✯ Role sorting - Dividers that help categorize your roles and profile!

We hope that you can join us and become part of our community that we just started, because we would like to grow and without you it will only be a dream & it will make Paimon sad :c Permanent Discord link if website doesnt work: