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YouTube & Twitch based Community Discord Server.

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Staff Member Clearance

We will be undergoing a staff member clearance in a few days time. If you're a staff member, this announcement is for you. We will be demoting staff members if they are not active on Discord, or on the server. This is to make sure that the staff list is up-to-date and active. This is based on https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/508637173323399189 . The head of the position (for example Head Owner or Head Admin) will not get demoted, as they are active enough anyways

Addition to Rules + Perms

On The Rubin Discord Server, we have updated to the rules to make sure staff members are not abused on the server and the offender will get an immediate 5 minute mute.

On The Rubin Discord Server, we have added more perms to our Grade Ranks (which you can get by being a staff member or getting them by the Member of the Month monthly). You now have more permissions and will be given 1 Grade Rank (currently 3) for every time you win the Member of the Month

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