🏆 Introducing Achievements

These are optional challenges that you can participate in. From introducing yourself and sharing your favorite songs, all the way to helping out the server, there are two tiers of both easy and medium achievements.

Upon completing a tier, you will be rewarded with an exclusive rank available only by doing so! If you complete all achievements and conquer both tiers, there's something else waiting to be unlocked.

⮊ Head over to #🟣🏆・achievements to get started! ㅤ 💎 Rewards Tier 1 (Easy): @🐱‍👤 Shadow ⋮ All Tier 1 Achievements Tier 2 (Medium): @🎑 Zeus ⋮ All Tier 2 Achievements ㅤ 🍀 Send new ideas Have any suggestions for new achievements? If so, please send us some at #🌴・feedback! ㅤ 🤔 Seems Familiar.. Perhaps you remember seeing these achievements before? That's right, we brought back 'challenges' from August last year, but this time under a different name, with a different rewards system, and updated challenges. ㅤ