Warriors: Stars Above is a RP group designed to be fun and semi realistic. Created and ran by someone with over 10+ years of experience making and running Role Plays, Warriors and otherwise. Our goal is to have a fun and safe group for mature individuals 13+, be they LGBTQIA+ or any other minority, regardless of their religion, nationality, or background. All we ask is that you can RP in English and follow our rules. English doesn't have to be your first language either!

Cats can be any realistic color or color combination -with exaggerations- in their images. We allow photos with credit, and art if you own it. If you don't have or want either you are welcome to just write a good description. It is whatever you like. You want and orange/red tabby? Make it literally orange. Want a dilute black cat, AKA a blue one? Make it a bluish grey. Got a Chocolate cat? Use a few different shades of brown to spice things up. Have fun with simplifying or stylizing stripes and markings as well. As long as it can be determined what real colors and markings they would be, it is likely allowed.

We understand that some individuals may have disabilities that make some of our requirements for post format or length difficult. The crew will help out anyone who lets us know they struggle as best we can. We do not require anyone to disclose anything about their mental health or their personal life. We encourage online safety, and privacy after all.

We look forward to meeting you, and your characters!!