— Beepaw, an EskerClan apprentice, is confined to camp with no training because he scratched Lotuspaw. (5-5)

— Beepaw stole poppy seeds from Honeyheart's den while she was out. He took too many and collapsed later on. Honeyheart tried giving him yarrow, but the apprentice remained unconscious. (5-7)

— Macavity, a loner, was found on EskerClan territory. He was chased away by Greystorm. (5-11)

— A group of EskerClan cats found Pepper, a rogue, on their territory and chased her away. (5-12)

— Rosestar made two new apprentices. Cinderpaw, mentored by Birdmist, and Oakpaw, mentored by Goldensun. (5-12)

– Rosestar announced that they would claim the small gravel island for EskerClan. (5-12)

— The medicine cats attended the half moon gathering at the Ring of Stars. (5-13)

— Soon after the medicine cats left for their meeting, Beepaw shows significant signs of improvement by waking up for a short period. (5-13)

— Skykit, a GroveClan kit, got into the medicine cat den and ate yarrow. (5-14)

— A GroveClan patrol ran into three fox cubs. The patrol manages to successfully chase them away with minor injuries. (5-17)