WE ARE OPEN AGAIN FOR NEW FINDOMMES ! ATTENTION , ONLY IF YOU MEET AND AGREE WITH OUR SERVER REQUIEREMENTS YOU CAN BECOME ONE OF OUR VERIFIED FINDOMMES! GET MORE DETAILS INSIDE OF THE SERVER LADIES! NEW FINSUBS/PAYPIGS ARE WELCOMED TO JOIN US! Welcome to Celestial Findommes - The server was created on 30th december 2021, and was launched publicly on 21st january 2022! Attention NSFW community server - OVER 800 members in total Attention this is a FINDOM server, therefore financial domination is Allowed! Women are superior! All men are slaves! Men pay women! NO MINORS ALLOWED! +18 findommes / + 18 finsubs ONLY! Attention you can join our server ONLY if you have verified your e-mail address , that you received from DISCORD when you first created your discord account! We want to offer you a FUN and SAFE environment where you can earn money as a Findomme, and spend your money as a Finsub. On Celestial findommes server , EVERYONE GETS FACE + AGE VERIFICATION! We currently have in total 19 categories and 147 channels in total. 3 kinks categories channels ( easy kinks , medium kinks, hard kinks) 13 porn channels for naughty perverts! 1 category with 10 fun games! SFW channels - available for Verified Findommes and Verified Finsubs NSFW channels - available for Verified Findommes and Verified Finsubs Kink and findom education for newbies people ! Femdom tasks , gallery channels , music and movies too! Also healthcare channel , because we care about our members mental and emotional state. We are one of the best findom servers on discord! COME JOIN OUR SERVER FOR A NEW AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! Celestial Findommes invite link below: https://discord.gg/mX6vJ3rKFa P.S. The owner of this server is NOT RACIST AND NOT TRANSPHOBIC! PLEASE SHOW RESPECT TOWARDS THE SERVER RULES AND SERVER PREFERENCES CREATED BY THE OWNER OF THIS SERVER. IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH THE SERVER RULES OR THE SERVER REQUIEREMENTS YOU MAY LEAVE. ANYONE WHO GOSSIPS/ THREATS / SLANDERS/ THE SERVER OWNER GET PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM CELESTIAL FINDOMMES SERVER !