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Do you want to just chill after doing exhaustion on games or Osu or you want to talk to the people here in this group about anime or vtubers come join us as we were finding new members to have a hangout chill time group

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Do you want to just chill after doing exhaustion on games or Osu or you want to talk to the people here in this group about anime or vtubers come join us as we were finding new members to have a hangout chill time group

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Hello there for those who want to look a server well heres the thing we updated the server design were still finding members to make the server very active. other members are busy so they dont have time to talk alot but heres the update of the server!!!

Updates: -Server has now member stats -fix design look proffessional now -organized -fix bugs in the server

well thats it we hope you join the server so we could talk and play each other

-note we are still applying moderators we just need two people for moderator :) (remember for to be moderator is needed trustworthy and to keep the server better and active :)

-moderator ;’)

hello -moderator

Hello we are quite sorry if the server is quiet other members are quite not like very responder on the server they are just like you know do not disturb status so please forgive me with it ill try find a person to make the server active not quiet :)


I fix some channels and its now organized as perfectly As neat hope you like it if you join the server!!! :)

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