Discord Bot
No The Best Bot But
More Stuff Will Be Coming To The Bot
If u Want Bot Support
Server Link Here

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Discord Bot
No The Best Bot But
More Stuff Will Be Coming To The Bot
If u Want Bot Support
Server Link Here

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since i dont wake up at that time the bot will be up at 7:00 or 7:33 Also Im Really Sorry If U Dont Like This Update


From Know On The Bot Will Be Offline At 1:00 PM And The Bot Will Be Online At 2:00 AM I Know Its Bad But We Have To Because If We Leave The Bot Up All Night It Will Go Offline In The Morning So Thats Why We Are Doing This

Bot Is Online

the bot is online know sorry we had to close the bot but hey its online know!!! and im really really sorry its just some bugs i had to fix so the bot will start working !!

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