If you were to take a look at our member list before today, you’d see a bunch of red names, and you’d have to scroll a bit to find anyone else. So, in order to show people other than just directors at the top of the member list, we’ve changed things a little bit.

The members sidebar will no longer separate people by their filmmaking roles (directors, cinematographers, screenwriters). Instead, starting today we’re introducing a leveling system based on activity. There are five levels to start: Pioneers -> Talkies -> Golden Era -> New Hollywood -> Blockbusters, each named after different periods in (American) film history!

Just to reiterate: Your name color will still be determined by your highest filmmaking role. These new roles are simply used to reward active, engaged members by bringing them to the top of the member list.

So...how do you level up? Here’s where YFO Points come in:

YFO Points are earned by being active in the server. Each message you send gives you 15-25 points which you can then exchange for levels. The levels are roles that show up on the member list sidebar.

Level 1 - Pioneers (500 points) Level 2 - Talkies (2,500 points) Level 3 - Golden Era (5,000 points) Level 4 - New Hollywood (10,000 points) Level 5 - Blockbusters (20,000 points)

Level 1 (Pioneers) allows you to post in #self-promote. All other levels are cosmetic and are used to get you get higher on the member list. You cannot skip levels; you need to buy Level 1, then 2, then 3, and so on.

The following commands can be used in #bot-commands only: $money - Check your balance and leaderboard position. $leaderboard - View server leaderboard. $store - View items in the store. $item-info - View information on an item in the store. $buy-item - Buy an item from the store.

DISCLAIMER: YFO Points are a fake currency and do not translate to real money.