Introducing: YFO’s 30 DAYS OF FILM Movie Marathon! Celebrating two years of Young Filmmakers Online!

[What is it?]

We’ve created a list of 30 themes/prompts—one for each day in June—to create a “scavenger hunt” through the world of film! If you’ve participated in our “YFOctober” event for the past two years, you might be familiar with this concept. However, this time around we’re really encouraging watching a film every day instead of only discussing them.

[How does it work?]

Each day there will be a new prompt for a type of film to watch. If you have the time, sit down and watch something that fits the prompt. We’d like to encourage you all to watch films you’ve never seen before, but if you’d like to revisit an old favorite, that’s fine too!

[What do I do after watching them?]

We’ve set up a special channel just for this event! Check it out over at #30-days-of-film. Share what you’ve watched with other YFO members. Who knows—you might learn about some new films to check out yourself.

Additionally, if you’re on Letterboxd, make a list to keep track of what you watch throughout the 30 Days of Film and tag it with #YFO30Days. Or, if you have a Twitter, you can make a Twitter thread. In fact, we’ll be retweeting stuff with the hashtag over on our Twitter ( so be sure to follow us there!

[So what are the prompts?]

The 30 Days of Film prompts are pinned in the #30-days-of-film channel. Start planning out your month-long movie marathon now!