║『❀』 ∘┈☾┈∘┈☾┈∘ 『 Hello! 』 ∘┈☽┈∘┈☽┈∘ 『❀』║

Welcome to Ava's Hangout! A (hopefully) growing server that's looking for new members everyday

║『❀』∘┈☾┈∘『In this server, we offer : 』∘┈☽┈∘『❀』║

╶ Organized and decorated channels and roles ╶ Color and gender roles ╶ Type of artist roles (Ex. Singer, MMDer, Editor)

╶ Non-strict rules ╶ A nice and friendly team of admins

╶ The literature club bots and channel ╶ Channels like rp, tea, vent, memes, pokemon, counting, and self-promotion ╶ An art category so you can show off your creations (very MMD friendly!) ╶ Channels for pictures of your pets and face reveals (IRL category)

║『❀』 ∘┈☾┈∘┈☾┈∘ 『 Bots 』 ∘┈☽┈∘┈☽┈∘ 『❀』║

╶ 「,」Pokécord For pokémon

╶ 「--」Yggdrasil For mainly the userphone command

╶ 「-」YAGPDB.xyz For the self-assignable roles

╶ 「.」Bongo For music 300+ commands

╶ 「?」 Carl-bot For admins

╶ 「pls」Dank Memer For memes

╶ 「t!」Tupperbox For making your own characters and roleplaying

╶ 「zt!」ZeroTwo For music and actions (Ex. hugging another user or smiling)

Maybe consider joining! We're always excited to see new members