Psychoki Expansion released June 1st! And with it- the major addition of the Ota Ward!

The werewolves and Vampires numbers have at long last been reduced, and the Yakuza are mostly staying quiet now. The players have been exploring Hokkaido and the animal youkai villages there and trying to help in minor battles that hopefully won't lead to all out war- but then-the unthinkable happened!

The ruins of Psychoki City, a city from another dimension- are fuddling into the Ota Ward of Tokyo! The residential districts are having chunks of them vanish and replaced with prairies full of goblins and more! Be ready dear players- because there are dark secrets on horizon...

Meanwhile, Chiyoda Ward, Shinjuku Ward and Kyoto have been exceptionally quiet lately- but this has allowed for peace to flourish and while sometimes attacks do still happen in them- it makes them perfect for people to just chill and relax as they make friends and go forward!