Yveltal Pokecord Club's Next Major Update Is Here! @everyone Our Tournaments Update known previously as the ‘September Update’ in our #announcements channel in our discord, arrives tomorrow Saturday 21st. Our new Tournaments system is the cornerstone of our list of updates to come in the next few weeks...

We have plenty in store for you in the Tournaments Update on top of organized competition within the discord... including a number of additions and improvements asked for by our community:

  • Additional ways to increase your level
  • Staff permissions to help with the redeems and expected rewards
  • An overhaul of the private channels to keep it clean
  • Additional ways to gain weekly generation roles

(!) On top of all this, we want to announce that you can publically join our beta tournament with amazing rewards for the player who manages to win.

If you wish to join the beta please private message @Yveltal

NOTE: Please expect the beta tournament to be a little shaky for things such as timings and reward handouts!