i know that it may suck and etc, but we need more people in our discord server, also not only that we are trying really hard to making the chat more active just like an community. we will soon maybe do our scrims. later or something im going to do more giveaways. this server u can promote your self as long as u put it in the right channel the first few times someone makes an mistake than ill just warn who ever that may be. we also have an memes channel where everyone posts meme and everyone relates. Also not only that but me my founders and etc work all day on this server just to have fun and have an awesome community that we may have soon or later on! we are on the grind for the biggest server that could be ever made!! like i said soon we will have our own scrims, giveaways and more! Pls consider joining this server checking it out see if you like it , and if you don't then u can leave but like i said we are trying our best to make the best server that anyone could ask for. for insistence we are working on an Esports team called Zxct Esports, right now we are also trying to have our own supportive fun community. we would really appreciate if you considered joining our server.