All that Glitter's New year Event

we're now going Into February and that means the Lunar New Year!, Believe It or not In Chinese Culture their new year happens on February! (February 12 too be exact) but we're celebrating It early! Let's dive In!

🏮We've Decked out Aki to be In Lunar theme Check em out 🏮 Check the server out!

⬆️Double XP & Server Cash Rewards With the progression of February we've doubled the Double XP and Server cash rewards each time you talk! (This Is a good time to get some higher roles!)

📽️New Channels! I've opened up some channels to the Public so that all members will experience Aki in full #꒱┋๑˚🔨│meet-the-staff = Meet all Aki staff here! #✏│video-ideas = Give me some Ideas for a Video! (Since I'm not keeping up with today's hype)

We also have a Lunar new year Login bonus starting!