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The official support server for Discord.Me. Feel free to ask a question, or hang out with the staff. Please remember we only provide support Discord.Me and not Discord App.

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The official support server for Discord.Me. Feel free to ask a question, or hang out with the staff. Please remember we only provide support Discord.Me and not Discord App.

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Discord Asked What Features Users Wanted

Discord recently posted on Twitter asking users for feature suggestions. Unsurprisingly, the thread is full of jokes and memes, but there are some genuine ideas presented here. We'll be discussing some of the legitimate ideas. And then of course highlighting the funniest joke suggestions! Check out the rest over on Discover Discord!

Discord Asked What Features Users Wanted - And Boy, Did They Deliver

Discord Me Update Notes - Week 4

We’re one month in! Three days ago, we reached 10,000 servers on the new platform. Here are some of our future plans. Patch notes below.

Improved Server Statistics

We promised to improve statistics. We ran into some bumps, but now it's full steam ahead as our top priority. We want to show you page visits and joins over time, and your conversion rates, to give you solid metrics to go off of while working to improve how your server performs.

Server Page Blogging System

Blog posts have their own pages now, for ease of sharing. Also, this paves the way for more improvements (i.e. a commenting system).

Additionally, we stomped out that pesky bug that made editing posts a nightmare.

Online User Counts

We've worked out the kinks, and it's running stable.

Random Server Button

Digging into our analytics, we've seen a lot of users using the random server button. This is awesome, and we want to make sure they have a solid experience. As such, we're adding an eligibility requirement. You will need to have at least one post for your server to show up in random. We'll be implementing this soon.

More Premium Options

We now offer 15, 30, and 90 day options for gold and platinum premium packages.

NSFW Search Terms

A couple of weeks ago, we told you we were going to have searches that include NSFW terms automatically include NSFW. It's live. If you're not-so-innocent, try it out! If you find any terms you think should be included, lettuce snow. Sorry, 'let us know'. That was weird. (Now I'm imagining pieces of lettuce falling from the sky.)

Here are some highlights from this week:


And now, here’s patch notes (up through

  • fixed error message when logging in fails
  • fixed issue with logging in when Discord account doesn't have an email address
  • fixed issue with logging in when more than one Discord account uses the same email address
  • added 15 day and 90 day premium options
  • added ability to view premium options without logging in
  • fixed issue with displaying more than 100 days of remaining premium
  • fixed issue with search terms disappearing from search box
  • fixed issue with language selection not being retained between searches
  • improved NSFW toggle behavior
  • fixed issue where deleting a server would break its old links
  • improved browse page caching to improve loading speed
  • changed random button to only show servers with a green bot status
  • added NSFW search functionality
  • performed various html tweaks to improve search engine optimization
  • added direct post pages
  • fixed issues with editing posts
  • upgraded markdown processor

10,000 Servers

Our team made the choice to remove all servers when we launched the new Discord Me. We are excited that over 10,000 servers have joined us on the new site.

Our team is excited and busy working for all of you as we work on new features and bug fixes.

We want to say thank you for all of the support!

Discord Me Update Notes - Week 3

Three weeks in and we’re going strong! Thank you for all your support! We’ve seen a lot more servers taking advantage of the blog system, so keep it up.

This week’s update mostly involves backend optimizations and UI refinements to help users engage with the site more. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. Take a look at our week 2 update for a peek at our roadmap.


Up through

  • fixed a situation where browsing list pages could occasionally cause a 500 error
  • added updates section to the dashboard
  • added account settings to the dashboard
  • fixed minor styling issues with articles (fixing article editing issues coming soon) (Update: Fixed Editing)
  • fixed problems with bump countdown not syncing consistently
  • set up system for sending emails (bot status alerts coming soon)
  • added paging to top of list pages to help people browse more easily
  • performed additional page loading optimizations
  • reorganized and refactored many aspects of online counts service (~80% complete)
  • optimized server ranking system’s performance
  • changed unavailable online counts to show nothing instead, to help alleviate user confusion (‘online users’ is an independent system that does not affect whether users can join)

Discord Me Update Notes - Week 2

The new platform has been online for about two weeks now! Our team has been impressed with how servers are starting to take advantage of our new features.

We’ve fixed countless bugs and made several quality-of-life improvements over the past week. In this post, we’re going to show some of our vision while updating you on what’s been going on.

Server Pages

Our goal with server pages is to help you promote your server to new browsing users. It’s also a great blog system to inform members of things going on. Remember you don’t have to do this alone. You can add people that love to write to your team and have them write up some posts. Does your server have a historian?

Here are some ideas of how you might use the blog system:

  • Post about events your server hosts. Have a planned game night, movie night, or other themed night? Perfect, this allows browsing users to see structure in your server.
  • Show off unique features of your server. Do you have a full-fledged RPG community run by a sophisticated role-play bot? Talk about it!
  • Promote exciting giveaways. It’s important when running giveaways for these to be centered on things your community is passionate about. This is a surefire way to gain some attention.
  • Member highlights can spotlight community members that bring the community to life. This can help new users meet a friend before even joining your server. And who doesn’t like having the spotlight? Such honor! (Of course, talk to them first.)
  • Highlight your other community tools and resources. Does your community also live outside of Discord? Have a website where you talk about updates or have a user art gallery? Awesome. Promote it.
  • There are so many more ideas. We’re excited to see what your server comes up with.

Ultimately, users are looking for quality over quantity, as this is what really shines. Down the road, we want to highlight these amazing servers more.

Here are some servers we’ve identified that are making awesome use of the blog system:

College Sports Network
Hogwarts School Of W & W
Life Needs a Little Sin

We’re aware that server pages are pretty rudimentary right now. We’ve already made some upgrades to them over the last week. However, many more upgrades are coming to them, and we’re excited to see how you and your community make use of your server page.

If you are already using the server pages, let us know. We might feature you on our new and growing Twitter and Facebook pages.

Improved Server Statistics

Statistics are very important to us and we understand they are for you and your community too. We’ve been working with our development team to improve how we are showing information. Right now on the dashboard you are seeing “visits”. These are people that have browsed your server page. We’re also working to bring Join Button statistics to the dashboard this week.

Our goal in the near future is to bring you a dashboard of information and statistics. This will take some time, but we are improving these systems behind the scenes right now.

Bot Improvements and Upgrades

Over the next few days, you may see online counts show as unavailable more frequently than usual. We’re making changes to improve our bot’s performance and pave the way for new sorting options and other features.

Improving Search and NSFW Terms

We want to change how NSFW searches work. A NSFW term should include NSFW results. It just makes sense. We’re starting to compile a list of terms that will automatically include NSFW results. If you have any suggestions, send them our way!


We hope this gives you a glimpse into where we’re focused. Without further ado, here’s the notes from

  • fixed and optimized how category pages load
  • made various internal changes to improve website performance
  • fixed an issue that could result in multiple servers claiming the same URL
  • changed how online counts are retrieved to perform more reliably
  • fixed various dashboard issues related to caching
  • fixed several edge cases where 500 errors could occur
  • increased max URL length to 24 characters
  • restyled bump countdown timer to emphasize bump window functionality
  • improved bump handling to be more precise
  • fixed internal time sync issues
  • improved invite handling to deal with large spikes in traffic better
  • added another link to team management to help people discover this functionality
  • increased server page character limit from 1,000 to 5,000
  • fixed styling issues with server page posts
  • fixed issue with delete button showing up twice in the team management panel
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