Growth | Support | Community
Welcome to the official Discord Me support server. Join up to ask us a question or just to hang out with staff. We’ll be happy to help you through our site. 💕 Discord Me started in 2015 as a way to promote our personal servers. As other friends wanted to use it, it quickly grew into the Discord server promotion platform it is now. We've been working on it and improving it ever since. We’re doing this because we know how important it is for like-minded people to connect and share ideas and passions. Our core mission is to help people find online communities they love. Be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages for more updates, content, and guides. 🛠 Twitter: 🛠 Facebook: 🛠 YouTube: Keep in mind that we offer support only for Discord Me, and not for the Discord app itself.
Growth | Support | Community
Welcome to the official Discord Me support server. Join up to ask us a question or just to hang out with staff. We’ll be happy to help you through our site. 💕 Discord Me started in 2015 as a way to promote our personal servers. As other friends wanted to use it, it quickly grew into the Discord server promotion platform it is now. We've been working on it and improving it ever since. We’re doing this because we know how important it is for like-minded people to connect and share ideas and passions. Our core mission is to help people find online communities they love. Be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages for more updates, content, and guides. 🛠 Twitter: 🛠 Facebook: 🛠 YouTube: Keep in mind that we offer support only for Discord Me, and not for the Discord app itself.
Emoji | Social
Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emote server with 500 Nitro emoji.
Gaming | Community
This server has everything from reference and walkthroughs to party schedules and showcase channels. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, level 12 or level 60, we'll be glad to have you come hang out! You can join 20k+ other mobile Simmers in our group on Facebook also!
Community | Support
This is a really accepting and nice community, filled with hard working members, active chats and staff, and more! We focus on the support and getting better aspect, but we also have other things in our server! Game / Events / Community basis and more!
Bot | Support
The Butler Discord Bot (The Butler for short) is a general purpose module for moderating Discord servers and simplifying tasks. This server is created to provide help on any issue you might come across regarding the bot, as well as insight on current and upcoming releases.
Community | Writing
The official Discord server for the Reddit community and learning the written script made by u/vilhjalmurengi called Vianaic Pronounced: "vee-ah-NAY-ick”
Support | Technology
General Mac Troubleshoothing & help
Gaming | Community
Chat with the Poptropica community, engage in server events, be informed of game updates, and play old islands!
Social | Community
Just a server where you can come and talk to someone about anything you're dealing with. We'll do our best to help and identities are kept secret. Assholes are banned.
Education | Community
This is a server where anyone and everyone is allowed, you can talk to college students/professors about college and the campuses of college's. You can also just talk to peers here about applications to your favorite college's, and maybe meet some new friends. This server is also home to great debates, and great discussions.
Community | Hobbies
A discord server for all types of car lovers and auto enthusiasts!
Community | Programming
Have you been looking for a place to get ideas for projects, A place to ask questions about coding, or just a server list filler? Byte Frenzy is for you. We offer many places to advertise, find ideas, and even get peoples thoughts on projects!
Programming | Support
NexusCubeEU bietet neuen sowie erfahrenen Programmierern die Möglichkeit sich mit der Community auszutauschen und Probleme zu lösen. NexusCubeEU bietet neben einem Forum auch einen Discord Server - wir sind deine Plattform für Entwicklerfragen unter dem Motto: Gemeinsam statt getrennt zum Ziel.
Programming | Technology
Hello and welcome to Programmer's Lounge! Here you can find like minded people to talk to, work with and help! This server is built around the idea of people helping people with languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ and many more!
Support | Beliefs
We hate Gacha, it's in the name.
Community | Social
AtlanticGaming - Tornei, Competitivo, Soldi, Sponsor e molto molto altro
Community | Entertainment
Community server filled with interesting people, events. Have all the fun here.
Design | Community
Thrive Design is for design and editing buyers and editors/designers that want to sell or learn.
Art | Community
Welcome to Editing Center. Find help from people on our editing server with aftereffects, sonyvegas, videostar, alightmotion, cutecut, and kinemaster. You can find presets, software, plugins, stores, videos, and more!
Support | LGBT
Hello!! And welcome to the 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐝 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐬𝐭! This server was created to help and support people in need! We are here to talk about whatever u want and whatever u need. We won’t tell or speak about anything outside of the server, all the information u tell us will be kept within the server no matter what. We are here to care about you no matter what race, sexuality etc! We are here to support u and help u through the hard times in life! Cause everyone needs a little love and support in their lives. The name of this server means ‘shield from the storm’ and that’s what this server is for!! To shield u and take care of u while we help u fight the storm that may be happening. We want you to always remember that we all love u and want to take u in.. don’t be afraid to speak to us about anything even if it’s something u regret most in life and don’t know how to tell anyone. If a staff member isn’t being the nicest request for another helper and we will speak to
Social | Community
A new community where you can find your support against depression, anxiety and being lonely. You're welcome <3
Technology | Support
Arch Linux server where we help each other in a FRIENDLY, PATIENT and POLITE manner. Everybody who likes arch is welcome here!
Programming | Technology
New and friendly C/C++ help discord server!
Writing | Gaming
A chat room designed for fanfiction authors, primarily in the Sonic Fandom.
Furry | LGBT
Archmax Hub get pro for big robux..............................................
Community | Growth
We are a small little community (<hope to change that), we aim to be an active little group where you feel like we are all there for you, because we are!
Community | Support
Welcome to the Discord Forum discord server. This Discord server is welcome to all Discord server owners, managers, and users. Come promote your Discord servers and your bots. Get or give help with Discord.
LGBT | Education
MENTAL HEALTH HELP! We are here to help about everything! We accept LGBTQ+ people as there is many in the server! We are happy to help and understand what you are going through as we have many mental health issues our selfs! Please join we would love to see you here!
Gaming | Technology
This is the first PC Gaming discord to exist on the app, we are not pc elitists. We welcome all users to come and join. There's multiple channels for gaming and dedicated areas to get help with your PC and other technology. -SallGoodmanServers
Many people get depressed at one point or another throughout life. Whether it’s caused by death of a family member, environmental stress, or mental illness, feelings of depression can become difficult for many people. Unfortunately some people get so depressed as a result of their mental illness or life circumstances, that they consider suicide as an option to escape from their emotional pain. We want to help prevent that, because suicide is a critical thing, you should not do. Please join if you are experiencing any thoughts and would like to talk to someone without the fear of being judged! :)
Gaming | Programming
The is the Discord server of the Aura Development Team. Here you can task with us, get support for our plugins and just have a good time.
Gaming | Support
Star Services We Offer: Discord: Custom Bots Bot configuration Server Setup Minecraft: Full server setups Pex, Group Manager, LuckyPerms Setups to how you like Plugin Configuration Small and Large Custom plugins. Fixing errors that occur Html/Website: Fully Customised website. Website Support and help. Website management Art: Custom logos Animated banners All sorts of icons We are always looking for new members of our team To join us use the invite listed above
Community | Gaming
For people who feel unwanted, sad, misunderstood, and scared. I am hoping to grow this community so that we may help each other get over our personal obstacles. If you want to rant/vent, listen to uplifting music, look at some memes, socialize with others, and make friends then this is a place for you! Judgement free zone so everyone and anyone is welcome! See you there. ^^
Community | eSports
This is a server for everyone: We have channes focused on: Gaming, Mental help, memes, role playing, poland ball, politics, history, anime, maps, flag, modding, programing, photography, arts, and everything Find friends here or just people to talk to. We have self-roles, ranking system (based on activity in the server), everything you could want basically We have channels for non-english speakers too!
Social | Community
Random server about anything really, that is appropriate. You can talk about your problems, issues. You can also show your gaming addiction, your selfies, and anything else you want, and members will try to talk to each other. This server is worldwide, with most members being from Asia, and there's no discrimination. Moderators and helpers are needed, but you need to be at least 5 days in the server.
Art | Hobbies
Universal Design is the server for all kinds of Designers to post their work and get feedback on it! We welcome all kinds of designers: - Illustrators - UI/UX Designers - Concept Artists - 3D Artists - Graphic Designers - and More! Come say hi :)
Community | Role-Playing The name, 2 Nekos, means, this is a group that shows people they can be and think whatever they want without being judged. A lot of people who want to be nekos get made fun of, called rude names, told to be the same, even I do. So the name 2 Nekos, means, there is always people like you and will always be willing to support you, and help you, even though those rough times... So, if anyones ever needs anything(emotional support, advise, or anything) feel free to talk to me! You all are part of my online family, I am honest and loyal to helping my family!
Education | Hobbies
We are a server dedicated to helping people with their academic difficulties. We use the American Education System, but we will accept everyone regardless! Includes subjects from Math to Sports to Foreign Languages! You must be thirteen or above to be in this server. In order to become an assister or a mentor, you'll have to prove that you're talented in the fields you want to be in, especially as a mentor.
Community | Entertainment
Basically Human Box
LGBT | Furry the Cloud Kingdom is a Discord server built for and by the community! LGBTQ+, Dating, Furry, Help, Support, and more! Join Now!
Community | Business
If you align with ANY of the descriptions above then you should definitely join our Discord. We are here to help each other. There is NO EXCUSE if you need the companions or business partners this will soon be your favorite place to reside.We are all here to help! Please join today!
Gaming | Social
The Novice Network from Final Fantasy XIV - Now Portable! Everything Final Fantasy XIV related; Content assistance, Information, resources, banter, community feeling and of course a lot of questions, with a lot of answers!
Community | Support
✧»About us«✧ ➳We're people trying to make as much of a positive difference, a change that will hopefully help others, including you. ➳ Feel free to Lay off all of your problems and feelings onto us and we'll listen and try our hardest to help you and maybe even make a change in your life. ➳ Our goal is to help you and many others express the feelings and thoughts pent up inside of you. It’s okay, you’re not alone. ✰☾✰☾✰☾
Support | Community | Social
A 16+ mental health server with a friendly peer-support network! The menu: ・A calm & supportive community ・Cute emotes ・Fun events ・Bots with games/currency/leveling ・Self-assignable roles ・& so much more! We can't wait for you to join! ♡
Art | YouTuber
This is a place for people to post their art to share it with other people! I personally do calligraphy and post it on a daily basis, so this server is for people like me who want to see some amazing art or learn to do something brand new. If that doesn't convince you, we also have memes. Enjoy your stay!
LGBT | Science
Welcome to Atheist support! This server is here to provide support to atheists who may not have any in real life. We are LGBT friendly and accepting of atheists and theists of all walks of life. Come to us, put down your burdens and take a load off. We offer one on one support and group support for people who need it.
Community | Entertainment
Nature is a community server with the point of creation and being creative, we just want to provide fun for our users! We have channels where you can share your art, games, discord bots, and more, we keep you entertained! We giveaway money, nitro and more!
Support | Entertainment
We are a mental health support discord.
Gaming | Community
A newly built Discord Server for amateur and veteran players of Warframe to help each other, collaborate and make friends.
Gaming | Education
Hi there! Sad here, a Diamond 2 player (of all roles). I've started a Discord community where you can ask questions, get advice, and share those 200 IQ plays. A hub for all of those who want to improve, get better and have fun at the same time! I'm here to help, I'm here to answer your questions, and I'm here to invite you to our magnificent server that you can join using the link below. Any doubts? Fear not! Feel free to message me at my Discord: This Is Just Sad#7964 Until then, see ya
Social | Community
This server is for anyone who needs help, be it life advice, relationship help, somewhere to vent their frustrations, talk about their problems, or just need someone to talk to.
YouTuber | Gaming
Hey ! Bien le bonjour amis cube ! J'suis'l Silva, et je te souhaite la bien venue ici ! Alors oui je sais que 75% des gens ne liront pas ces règles et ils passeront à côté des nombreuses blagues de merde qui vont suivre ! Bref ne perdons pas plus de temps ! Silva's Lab, c'est quoi ? Et bien ici tu peux aider ou être aidé sur tout un tas de choses en rapport avec Minecraft, tu peux juste donner des conseils ou alors faire le meuble ! Je t'invite d'ailleurs fortement à présenter les projets que tu as réalisé dans #creation-et-projet ! Les règles spécifiques à un salon sont inscrites dans les messages épinglés que je t'invite aussi à lire !
Programming | Support
This is the official support server for the discord bot, Aiden's Assistant. The #1 discord assistant for you and your server. Ranging from amazing staff to the friendly community.
Community | Social
YouTuber | Support | Technology
Official ZERF!CKER Discord - Join our friendly budget PC gaming server for tech advice or just hang out with the crowd!
Support | Community
A server filled with positiive energy! We also have a group where you can share your life events or talk about emotions in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. :)
Community | YouTuber
A new YouTube alternative in the works. Join if you wanna help or add videos.
Gaming | eSports
Server for friendly gamers!
Gaming | Community
A server to find new friends in the competitive pokemon community
Education | Community
A server to help anyone in need whether it is school or daily life
Support | Community
Welcome to our hangout - where you can relax, get advice, and talk about your day! Meet new friends, set up your Hangout profile, and start chatting! We also have support channels if you need to talk about your day, get advice, or need help with anything! The only thing missing is you!
Community | Technology
friendly👍 community hub for developers👨🏽‍💻, designer🌌 and gamers🎲 as well as for everybody🔓 who wants to be here🔽 than you are right in the ConfusingGang🌠
Community | Education
CDR is a server dedicated to offering resources and helpful updates on the Chinese Coronavirus.
Community | Support
Are you like so many others that face troubles when it comes to dating, relationships or simply life in general? Join in and ask for advice from our growing team of life coaches, mentors and community members.
Gaming | Streaming
A twitch community to teach you!
Gaming | Social | Entertainment
This is a server to help new and existing players. It has the Tarkov Assist bot, maps, extract videos, ammo charts, money making videos, barter lists, a custom marketplace for players to trade among each other, and way more. Info from anyone will be added to the server (with credit of course).
Music | Community
Deezloader is an open-source music downloading software for people to download their favourite songs, albums, playlists & artists! This server is used for downloads, information, chatting, help & issue resolving.
Programming | Education
JVMRally is a server focused on JVM Languages. If you're working with Java, kotlin, scala and more. Come join and hang out!
Programming | Community
Were a java based discord.
Support | Community
A community looking for volunteers dedicated to helping people all around the world with thier mental health issues. Apart from that, you can also meet new people, talk about hobbies and share memes.
Gaming | Support
Need some help for High Seas Hi Jinks in Crash Twinsanity? Ask here people for help.
Programming | Bot
Join our server for help for your discord bot or let us design a logo for you. Join Rude Development
Fitness | Community
💪Team Bicep💪 The discord server for: - Fitness - Nutrition - Health (lifestyle) - Sports - Community and much more! Team Bicep is growing every day. And people in the server are given benefits for the applications coded by the parent company Oga Fit. Join now, see for yourself 💪