Community | Social | Music
A new server with experienced Staff that is wanting to play music, movies, share food, and so much more. We are new and growing, so bare with us. 18+, but no it is not a NSFW server.
Community | Social | Music
A new server with experienced Staff that is wanting to play music, movies, share food, and so much more. We are new and growing, so bare with us. 18+, but no it is not a NSFW server.
Community | Social | Music
A new server with experienced Staff that is wanting to play music, movies, share food, and so much more. We are new and growing, so bare with us. 18+, but no it is not a NSFW server.
YouTuber | Design
Learn to see architecture. See to learn architecture. This is the Archimarathon community channel where we share discussions about architecture, education, travel and other fun bits. YouTube Channel
Science | Community
We are a community of Biologists from all over the world! We have postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates and even high school students. We aim to build a platform for sharing and discussing ideas, and bleeding edge research. We are open to anyone wanting to peek into academia and the world of Biology! We have leveled roles, active staff, tons of interesting discussion and much more to keep you busy!
Financial | Community
Learn to trade Forex. Play Forex. Home of the Whopper. Pro-Forex Server Gaming Server. Esoteric, Arcane, Informative and Sexy.
Education | Music
Nuestros escuadrones y estudiantes te recibirán con una cálida bienvenida, somos buenas personas así que no dudes en buscar amicos o ayuda en cualquier wea
Education | Community
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory, theology, mysticism, occultism, christianity, zen, tibetan buddhism, sufism, world religions, multidisciplinary, poetry, psychology, philosophy, education, psychotherapy, computer science, video games, cybernetics, game dev, AI, arts & media, music, anime, other hard and soft sciences, news-media, politics, and.. everything. Welcome!
Programming | Technology
We try to bring to you the most amazing learning community for tech enthusiasts and thus work to teach you the basic and internal parts of software management, website and apps making, programming, etc. Our main purpose is to make you fluent in programming languages.
Technology | Science
Official Discord Partner! This is a friendly community for those who are interested in being involved with science exploration. Over 25,000+ Members!
Entertainment | Language
ENGLISH FOR CZECHS Practice English with a twist! A unique levelling system. As you level up, you gain access to a special role-play channels, where you can play a castle themed role-play game with other people. What can you find here? - regular Saturday Night Movie stream - conversation club every weekend afternoon/evening - music bot - group chat, 1-on-1 chat, 5 people chat - self/assignable roles - games and activities to help you improve your English - levels which give you special roles that give you access to castle-themed role-play channels - access to EPIC RPG game when reaching a certain level - friendly environment, mostly with Czech people, but anyone is welcome Join us!
Crypto | Investing
An education based community of traders, live trading and teaching every day! We all help one another from basic questions about trading, to cross-referencing technical analysis.
Education | Language
Level up your French at Avecmavoix. We are a French language school focused on improving your French speaking skills. Come listen, talk, read & write in a safe, supportive & family friendly community.
Art | Hobbies
Daily Art Challenges, Art Prompts, Themes, colored roles based on drawings submitted, gallery, supportive environment :)
Education | Hobbies
Family History and Genealogy VR Meetup in AltspaceVR. Come learn about researching my family history and finding the sources you need to discover your ancestors.
Technology | Entertainment
The Official SIVANN Discord Server
Education | Art
Servidor dedicado a estudantes e curiosos sobre a Arte Digital. Todos com a vontade de aprender e compartilhar seus estudos são bem vindos.
Education | Community
This is a server where anyone and everyone is allowed, you can talk to college students/professors about college and the campuses of college's. You can also just talk to peers here about applications to your favorite college's, and maybe meet some new friends. This server is also home to great debates, and great discussions.
Social | Education
This is a server for people who want to talk about how to not be sad. If you are sad, and you want to not be sad, please join for help. We provide a number of tactics and techniques which can help self-directed individuals not be so sad all the time.
Language | Education
Hello everyone, My name is Joe and I have l recently launched a discord server to learn languages. We offer every language around the world and we want to connect people together so they can learn and help each other. We want to include members from every country to grow and expand and be a hub to help people. What we offer: A safe and moderated environment where members can learn and talk. A hub to find likeminded people who are passionate about learning languages. Hundreds of self assignable roles where you can show off your learning skills with others. A growing server where you can apply to be on our team and help users. Many different resources for different languages to boost your proficiency. We host different classes for each language, free of charge. We have music rooms, and fun channels to show off your interests with other users. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy your stay
Technology | Growth
MrPowerScripts has been helping people learn about programming and technology for almost a decade. With cool projects like the Reddit Karma Farming Bot and ARC. Come join the fun! We're here to learn, code, and grow!
Social | Political
We Have Power
Education | Technology
Students in VR is an Educators in VR project promoting student led events, teaching, production, and conferences in virtual reality.
Gaming | Community
Come play games with us such as Deep Rock Galactic, Minecraft, Fortnite, Brawlhalla, Terraria, Factorio, Starcraft II, WoW, Creativerse, Crea, Overwatch, Satisfactory, Risk of Rain 2, LOTRO, Farm Together, Bonk, Scribble, etc
Music | Education
The official Career Musician Academy discord server.
Gaming | Art
Art | Gaming | Social | Photography | Meme | Education and more Join now and hunt for fun !
Gaming | Education
Bem-vindo ao servidor Nutella's Server para conversar e jogar juntos! Regras: Não ofender ninguém! Não falar sobre a sexualidade de uma pessoa! Respeitar os admin's!
Art | Community
Creative Arts Introducing: Creative Arts! A fairly new server, looking for more friendly, creative-minded people to join, share our arts, make friends, have fun and spread our art-related social medias. Family Friendly server, welcoming to everyone! Verification System upon entry! Custom self-assignable roles and introduction channel! Seperate categories to share your different styles of art, including; Music, Writers, Artists, Theatre, Photography, Suggestion box for suggesting more creative art categories to be added! Plenty of nice people to make friends! Channel to advertise your art-related social medias! Competitions and Monthly Themes! So come join us, help us grow our server into a larger player-base, and have fun!
Crypto | Community
This server is for our community members to come network, learn, and engage with both us and others in the space. There are roles for fans of our content, contributors, podcast alumni, current professionals, students and more!
Design | Education
Ever wondered how to make a good server, or had trouble with a certain feature of Discord™? Well, with ExperimenTech, you can learn how to create a server of your own! We have an excellent and friendly Staff Team, and our Teachers are very helpful and give you a way to experience it for yourself!
Education | Gaming
Welcome to the official server of Google Developer Students Club by Jain University (DSC-FET JU).
Education | Science
Place to study and collaborate as doctors. USMLE Step 1,2,3, and Residency Applications.
Social | Education
A great new community on Discord for international friends! In each educational channel there are designated topic experts who share knowledge and teach concepts. On social and voice channels, make friends and play games! On lifestyle channels, talk about topics like health, self-improvement, relationships, studies and personal finance. Come to the Kava House, a diverse community for all who are looking for chat room friends!
Music | Education
Hello everyone! If you are looking into getting into music production, already in production or looking to get better, this is for you. In this discord there are so many resources at your disposal. From Music production to processing to serum to the ableton manual being broken down. From how to make a dubstep growl to a reese bass to a neuro bass. A loving and welcome community in hopes to grow!!
Education | Science
Official Discord Server, Pendidikan IPS B UNJ 2020 Instagram : @bforbengek Youtube : PIPS B UNJ 2020
Science | Education
> Unique Bots. Such as automatically creates VC when you join a specific channel and raid avoiding bots. > Updates regarding future plans of space agencies > Advertising channel > General Discussion channels > Daily news about Space & Science > You can ask any question regarding Science
Education | YouTuber
Burası Eğitim ve Bilgi Akademi(EBA) Youtube kanalının resmi Discord sunucusudur. Gerekli linkler açıklamadadır.
Programming | Technology
Syspoint is a friendly community with people interested in technology & ethical hacking (We will not hack someone for you). We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers This Discord is mainly focused on hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
Education | Political
You Can İmprove Your Communication Skills With Join My Discord Server/ Eğer İletişim Becerilerini Geliştirmek İstersen Sunucuma Beklerim
Financial | YouTuber
Magic Trading is a server focused on trading stocks and options. We aim to educate traders and make the financial world more fun. Come grow with this great community!
Education | YouTuber
Educate, dont hate, oh and welcome.
Streaming | YouTuber
Недавно созданное сообщество, которое включает в себя: каталоги, гайды, советы, обмен опытом, поиск напарников и всё то, что поможет тебе добиться успеха и просто классно провести время.
Crypto | Technology
EverGreenCoin cryptocurrency and environmental discussions, development, and education.
Technology | Education
Group of white hats and grey hats, no black hats!
Education | Community
This is an education server dedicated to autodidacts, nerds or just anyone with a passion for learning. We have channels as well as resources for pretty much anything from math, science, languages, humanities and more. If something is missing, you can always request it. You can come here to help each other learn and collaborate or just have fun with academics.
Language | Education
Hey there! Ever felt like learning Bahasa Indonesia? Well this is the right place! We have several native speakers in the server who are willing to help you out with all the questions you have! We have a seperate chat for only the Indonesian language so it's even easier to improve since you'll be speaking with native Indonesians! Also voice chat sessions are possible! Will we see you soon? Happy learning!
Art | Programming
Hallo iedereen, een Nederlandse server speciaal voor Art en Developing. In het kort: - Nederlandse Community - Beginner tot advanced - Altijd hulp! - Art en Developing - Showcase je werk! - Ga leuke samenwerkingen aan - Leuke acties en veel meer!
Education | Hobbies
We are a server dedicated to helping people with their academic difficulties. We use the American Education System, but we will accept everyone regardless! Includes subjects from Math to Sports to Foreign Languages! You must be thirteen or above to be in this server. In order to become an assister or a mentor, you'll have to prove that you're talented in the fields you want to be in, especially as a mentor.
Community | Social
Community for many people who love Aviation.
Education | Community
The History Discord server is a place where you can talk and discuss about history and historical events or ask people to help you for your school project about History and historical events or timelines. You can write here about anything from the Egypt empire to WW2. You need help for your school project? You want to know more about historical events and History itself? Discuss and ask people about any historical topic and event on this server!
Art | Education
We are en educational server for artists to share their art, discuss art, and educate others and themselves, too. A new page created to make a community for artists and gather other talents, too!
Programming | Financial
Study group for all the CAIE amigos - server for education & learning -Has dedicated & active helpers + friendly moderation Future plans we'll have some community study sessions
Education | Hobbies
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Community | Anime
Tyronia. Religion, cult, country, terrorist organization, ect.
Community | Art
Come here, make new friends, chill,show your art skills, get rewarded and promote yourself Have freedom Want to have something different ? Suggest us and get it done our main motive is to keep you cool !!
Streaming | Gaming | Anime
We are a community focused around Streaming, Gaming, YouTube, and making new friends! If you want people to hang out with or just to share your interests with we are here for you. Have a great day!
Beliefs | Education
HELLO AND WELCOME TO I N F E R N U M This is a server aimed to Theistic Satanists, however other religions may join. We treat Satanists and Non-Satanists alike 😀. What we have: 1. Music Bots 2. Fun Bots 3. NSFW bots (Lewdbot) sweat_smile 4. Library of Satanic Books for your studies. 5. Experienced Satanists willing to answer any question that you have! 6. LGBTQ+ Friendly community! And more... Join Now!
Gaming | Community
Friendly, relaxing and welcoming environment for all kind of people. A place for all, not just Gamers!
Financial | Community
Community of knowledgeable people with a wide array of skills and experience. We welcome anyone interested in trading and investing, regardless of experience.
Community | Fitness
A self-improvement-sever only for those willing to become better and change.
Community | Education
(FR && ENG) -Survivalisme -Cyberpunk -Philo -Hitech -Gray Hat -Linux
Language | Education
German communication chat, where you can meet and talk to native speakers or just students
Gaming | Education
Official server for the game Brukel, a first-person exploration game that is centered around the authentic memories of a 92-year old WW2 survivor.
Community | YouTuber
Are you looking for people to learn trading with? Forex, crypto or stocks ? We have a lot of Elite traders who provide free alerts, education and chart analysis
Education | Community
7,8,9,10,11,12. Sınıflara tamamen ücretsiz derslerde yardımcı olmayı hedefleyen sunucu.
Science | Education
Academic and amateur physics discussion for undergraduate, graduate, and highschool level. Part of a larger scientific discord network. Dedicated homework channels.
Hobbies | Community
Romanian Educational Community
Education | Investing
The "Code to Trade" To Learn, To Succeed, To Help Others!
Political | Education
Forum Götterfunken (FG) is a hub for news, education, and discussion related to Europe and the European Union.
Political | Community
☭☭ THE SOCIALIST WARFRONT☭☭ is hellbent on starting the revolution one educated mind at a time! A large resource library available for education to better combat and win every war in the intellectual battlegrounds. Topics include history, imperialism, economics, counter-arguments, theory and more! Leftist news, events and antifascist business posted to keep us all better connected and encourage political activism. So if you're curious and wish to learn more about leftism, or simply want a place to grow even more as an intellectual, please join and spread the message!
Community | Education
A server full of friendly people from all over the world!
Education | Social
News Central is the place to stay updated on the latest news around the world, in Discord. Topics include Coronavirus, World News, Technology, Local News, Sports, Politics and more.
Growth | Education | Business
We advertise! We are a new advertising and growth server within discord, our goal is to help other servers and the server owners within discord and give them the resources they need to grow there server. -Best ways to grow your server tips -Tons of advertising channels -Always looking for partnerships -Gaining new members every day -Server spotlights
Education | Science
This Server is for people who are interested in drugs and medicine. If you are a trained medical professional or just someone who wants to learn about medication from a professional pharmacist. Everyone is welcome!