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Discord's original and most active education server. 🎓 Join our community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge! ☀️
Science | Community
We are a community of Biologists from all over the world! We have postgraduates, graduates, undergraduates and even high school students. We aim to build a platform for sharing and discussing ideas, and bleeding edge research. We are open to anyone wanting to peek into academia and the world of Biology! We have leveled roles, active staff, tons of interesting discussion and much more to keep you busy!
Education | Community
Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory, theology, mysticism, occultism, christianity, zen, tibetan buddhism, sufism, world religions, multidisciplinary, poetry, psychology, philosophy, education, psychotherapy, computer science, video games, cybernetics, game dev, AI, arts & media, music, anime, other hard and soft sciences, news-media, politics, and.. everything. Welcome!
Education | Science
Welcome to Math Academy for all your math learning needs. If you have homework questions type in help section.
Education | Social
A server dedicated to helping students out with their AP classes while giving them a place to unwind when school gets tough. We have channels for specific classes where students and peer tutors can discuss study tips, receive help with homework, or how to prepare for the AP Exams when they roll around. The staff team also works to produce additional resources like notes, podcasts, and live-streams to further help students with learning.
Education | Beliefs
An Islamic learning community where you learn something new about Islam every day with hundreds of brothers and sister.
Community | Gaming
Hearth Valley is an up-and-coming community that was built for the sole purpose of providing the best we can to our members within our community, whether you be content creators or ordinary folk who enjoy relaxing and hanging out with others. We provide many unique things in the community that may benefit you whether you be a content creator or an average Joe. We tend to do many things within the community ranging from different types of events (Gaming/Movies/Anime/Karaoke), to giveaways, and other little neat things! We have just about anything you might be wanting or looking for, so if like what you've heard so far and want to potentially meet others, then we welcome you and would love to have you within the community and join us on our trip down this path of providing the best we can for others.
Political | Hobbies
(NOT A CHESS SERVER!!!!) Greetings! We are a community centered around thought provoking, stimulating, and scintillating conversations. We strive to maintain an active community through hosting a myriad of events touching on many aspects of our collective interests. We have a thriving community of people who are actively participating in conversations either via text or voice channels. We also strive to maintain political neutrality as it helps us draw out the various perspectives in an environment that is both friendly, and welcoming. This is a chess themed community. However, this does not define us. If any of that sounds appealing to you, you have come to the right place.
Science | Education
The most supportive lab you'll ever join. Where lab mates support lab mates, at any stage of their journey.
Education | Programming
MASH -> MATHS AND SCIENCE HUB Here you can ask your DOUBTS and get HELP instantly If you wanna DISCUSS Maths , Science , Coding this is the best place This server has its own BOT and many bots that do not make you leave
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Lose/gain weight? Build a sick physique? Get strength? All at once. Oh my!
Community | Education
If you love stocks, and want a family, check us out!
Education | Community
Education server to assist students in study of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering subjects at school and university level. the server uses advanced method of computer graphics and animations to create much elaborate and easy to understand topics. In addition if you join any course you will be provided with a precise study material and bot-enabled advanced tests which works on the automated mechanism that helps you to assess your learned skills or knowledge and improve exponentially.
Education | Community
Welcome to The Fifth Dimension! A brand new relaxing and cosmic destination for all things pertaining to psychology on Discord.
Community | Business
We make games for fun and profit -- you can learn to do so here, too.
Science | Education
Discord server for
Meme | Community
Discord server for the gondola community
Community | Education
Welcome to the Kensington Club. The Kensington Club is a prestigious club for those interested in political discussion and current global affairs. Our club is designed for members of the upper echelons of society to meet online on a new platform and have a good time. We have a variety of membership packages that can allow you to enjoy the server. The more you participate in the server, the more money you make and you can advance the membership tiers. We have a variety of fun and interactive bots, including economy bots and a variety of fun activities. So please join and come and check us out.
Education | Hobbies
Family History and Genealogy VR Meetup in AltspaceVR. Come learn about researching my family history and finding the sources you need to discover your ancestors.
Technology | Entertainment
The Official SIVANN Discord Server
Education | Art
Servidor dedicado a estudantes e curiosos sobre a Arte Digital. Todos com a vontade de aprender e compartilhar seus estudos são bem vindos.
Community | Education
A server to learn by the oldest human art; debating. -High Quality Educational Debates -Many topics as: religion, politics, philosophy, art etc. Join still today
Technology | YouTuber
Server for Sestain's LEET Support.
Education | Community
This is a server where anyone and everyone is allowed, you can talk to college students/professors about college and the campuses of college's. You can also just talk to peers here about applications to your favorite college's, and maybe meet some new friends. This server is also home to great debates, and great discussions.
Technology | Science
BuckiCompany's Official Server. We are a brand focused around PC-Hardware research and manufaction (Made in Germany), Digital Media Production and supporting creators to reach their goal.
Social | Education
This is a server for people who want to talk about how to not be sad. If you are sad, and you want to not be sad, please join for help. We provide a number of tactics and techniques which can help self-directed individuals not be so sad all the time.
Community | Social
Die Idee Vision Venue ist ein Discordserver, auf dem ihr euch mit anderen Leuten mit den selben Interessenbereichen austauschen könnt, neue Sachen lernt und eure eigene Projekte mit eurem Team leiten könnt. Unser Vorsatz Hier werden alle Menschen als Menschen angesehen und euch steht eure Menschlichkeit zugeschrieben. What? Alles hat einen Anfang und wenn ihr neu seid, braucht ihr Zeit euch einzufühlen. Möglichst leicht wird es, wenn alle auf dem selben Level dargestellt werden und sich die wesentlichen Unterschiede erst in den einzelnen Themenbereichen ausfindig machen lassen. Und jetzt genug gelesen, ich denke du bist nicht deswegen auf dieser Seite, oder? ^^
Community | Meme
we talk about fashion, music, games, tv in this server electronics and politics is also a trending theme here too vcs are held regularly and everyone is new so don't be shy ! have to be 13+ to access the server and no furries pls :)))
Community | Growth
Genesis is a discussion server sectioned into 4 parts: The Town (Fun), Academia (Serious), Arts (Passion), and VC (self-explanatory). We're here just convince people to talk to each other. Join the server! For jolly co-operation!
Science | Education
The focus of this server is mostly hs physics with mathematics
Language | Education
Hello everyone, My name is Joe and I have l recently launched a discord server to learn languages. We offer every language around the world and we want to connect people together so they can learn and help each other. We want to include members from every country to grow and expand and be a hub to help people. What we offer: A safe and moderated environment where members can learn and talk. A hub to find likeminded people who are passionate about learning languages. Hundreds of self assignable roles where you can show off your learning skills with others. A growing server where you can apply to be on our team and help users. Many different resources for different languages to boost your proficiency. We host different classes for each language, free of charge. We have music rooms, and fun channels to show off your interests with other users. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoy your stay
Education | Community
ONYX is a server for events and learning.
Technology | Growth
MrPowerScripts has been helping people learn about programming and technology for almost a decade. With cool projects like the Reddit Karma Farming Bot and ARC. Come join the fun! We're here to learn, code, and grow!
Social | Community
An exciting server for you to chill and relax. Come in and see it for yourself.
Social | Political
We Have Power
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