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Welcome to Kelutral, the most comprehensive location to learn the Na'vi Language from James Cameron's AVATAR. Fwa ngal fìtsengit ayoeru sunu! We're glad that you're here. Join AVATAR fans from around the world, meet teachers and speakers of the Na'vi Language, and build the hype for AVATAR 2, in theaters December 2021.
Education | Science
Welcome to Math Academy for all your math learning needs. If you have homework questions type in help section.
Language | Community
Join a great community for Slavs and learners where you can have friendly discussions about languages, history, and cultures!
Education | Community
Anchor Astrology is designed to promote the learning of Tropical and Vedic Astrology. Learn how to read and interpret a birth chart and much more. ☉ ☽ ☿ ♀️ ♂︎ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇
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Prends une boisson, un snack et viens ✔ Grab a drink, a snack and join us ✔
Education | Community
Welcome To The Official Shaun and Kyra Discord Server! This server will be used for fan educational interaction and video/channel updates.
Education | Community
Want to learn with others? Start here :)
Education | Community
Welcome to The Fifth Dimension! A brand new relaxing and cosmic destination for all things pertaining to psychology on Discord.
Gaming | Community
We basically love talking to each other and we are very active we also like to play video games listed above ˆˆˆ We dont just play those game you just gotta ask around is see if anyone has the game your looking for.
Education | Community
A friendly, productive, and relaxing community for high schoolers to be productive in and destress whenever they're not :) Don't be shy, come join!
Education | Social
Подготовка за матурите.
Language | Community
Un serveur consacré à l'apprentissage de la langue française! On vous attend! / A server dedicated to learning French! Come join us :)
Community | Writing
The official Discord server for the Reddit community and learning the written script made by u/vilhjalmurengi called Vianaic Pronounced: "vee-ah-NAY-ick”
Programming | Streaming
The place to chat about the Java, Spring, and TDD coding that JitterTed (Ted) does on the Twitch live coding stream and videos on
Streaming | Gaming
Primarily a Hearthstone Community around Twitch Streamer Mageadeath
Language | Anime
A server focused on providing content for Japanese learners. Anyone interested in learning Japanese by doing things you enjoy is welcome.
Gaming | Emoji
Our discord supports discord bots designed for aoe2 that give help with learning the game (civ bonuses, counter units) . We invited only the most cool people we know, so AEGIS your way to us !
Community | Social
Die Idee Vision Venue ist ein Discordserver, auf dem ihr euch mit anderen Leuten mit den selben Interessenbereichen austauschen könnt, neue Sachen lernt und eure eigene Projekte mit eurem Team leiten könnt. Unser Vorsatz Hier werden alle Menschen als Menschen angesehen und euch steht eure Menschlichkeit zugeschrieben. What? Alles hat einen Anfang und wenn ihr neu seid, braucht ihr Zeit euch einzufühlen. Möglichst leicht wird es, wenn alle auf dem selben Level dargestellt werden und sich die wesentlichen Unterschiede erst in den einzelnen Themenbereichen ausfindig machen lassen. Und jetzt genug gelesen, ich denke du bist nicht deswegen auf dieser Seite, oder? ^^
Social | Role-Playing
Worlds Dojo is a new kind of way of how to learn in diffrent ways by leaning about parts of the world by talking to people and chatting with them.
Education | Growth
This server is here to encourage you to improve at least a little bit each day, to compound into great skill over time. It's been created to pool together content created by Incrementall, and other various resources that add as much value as possible to people's lives, contribute to creative expression, lift people up, and encourage them to create more without inhibitions, and can act as a community of high quality shared resources and pathways to learning many new skills. We have posts that outline recommended pathways to learning certain skills, and links to various free and paid resources that aim to teach creative topics. Recommended content is selected with the intention of adhering to the Pareto principal where it must be concise and focus on the 20% of information that provides 80% or more of the intended results to ensure only high quality content is recommended.
Hobbies | Community
We are a Server for Nerf players and Nerf Modders.A Nerf Modding Community.You can share your Projects and Nerfs here :)
Technology | Growth
MrPowerScripts has been helping people learn about programming and technology for almost a decade. With cool projects like the Reddit Karma Farming Bot and ARC. Come join the fun! We're here to learn, code, and grow!
Growth | Gaming
Doing the best we can to help all streamers
Community | Writing
Astrology discussion, memes and learning
Language | Political
A server to learn French without censorship. Feel free to speak your mind (including politics), to ask people for help with your homework, and to practice French. We also have Portuguese, Spanish and English native speakers, so if that's your cup of tea, you're welcome. Shitposts, dank memes, and so on are also welcome. You can use English if you want to. Just remember the human (no gore, sexual, mocking an entire race etc.)
Education | Community
This is an education server dedicated to autodidacts, nerds or just anyone with a passion for learning. We have channels as well as resources for pretty much anything from math, science, languages, humanities and more. If something is missing, you can always request it. You can come here to help each other learn and collaborate or just have fun with academics.
Hobbies | Art
Are you a photographer, model, body painter, hairdresser, makeup artist or maybe a costume designer? This is an 18+, no kids allowed, place for you to meet. We're not looking for professionals, but other hobbyists. This is a place to grow and become better at your craft. Maybe you'll meet a new model to work with, or a new photographer. Maybe you'll build your portfolio here and become a pro. Regardless of your end-game. This is a place to start.
Art | Education
We are en educational server for artists to share their art, discuss art, and educate others and themselves, too. A new page created to make a community for artists and gather other talents, too!
Business | Community
Here you can receive help with building your interviews skills and/or writing resumes, cover letters & business emails. You are also welcome to request for any given role if you already have those skills and you love to help others.
Programming | Education
If you ever want help, C# Inn is the place for you! Learn, teach, help and be helped to all while having fun and making friends.
Education | Hobbies
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Community | Hobbies
The discord community associated with A social server with areas for the discussion of many interests and open to suggestions for new features!
Language | Community
A friendly community where learners and native speakers of Turkish have a chat in text or voice channels, have fun together and practice Turkish. Join us if you would like to practice your Turkish with natives or other learners or know more about Turkish and Turkish culture.
Art | Hobbies
A new discord community about all sorts of artists! We encourage making friends, learning, and having fun.
Language Practice is a server dedicated to help you with learning languages and getting support from people that are fluent in them. The languages which you can practice are: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese, Irish and possibly more if there is enough demand. We welcome everyone with the desire to practice a language.
Language | Community
Interested in some help in learning English? Or wanna chat and make new friends? Then VIP team is the place for you. There are numerous helpful people ready to help anyone with English. So, why don't ya Join now?! ;)