Welcome to The Community! The Community is a Mixer Community and Stream Team for new and upcoming streamers. Our aim is to provide help to grow your Mixer channel and community by means of networking with other like-minded streamers. Get to know more streamers like yourself, find new friends to game and co-stream with and grow your Mixer channels together. Get help with technical problems, settings for your streaming software and what equipment to buy for your budget. There's always someone who can help you!
A GSMST discord server mainly for kids in the graduating year of 2022. Anyone is welcome though!
The Discord Server for the OSRS Thieving CC "Splashworlds"
This is the official Discord server for Academic Story, a game where you run a school, starting from elementary, then moving on to a middle school, a high school, and then a college. This is where announcements and development updates will be posted. There is also a channel for making suggestions.
We are an old server is undergoing new changes! From computer science and coding projects to all things tech, join us to meet up with students and hobbyists from all over the world!
Hallo iedereen, een Nederlandse server speciaal voor Art en Developing. In het kort: - Nederlandse Community - Beginner tot advanced - Altijd hulp! - Art en Developing - Showcase je werk! - Ga leuke samenwerkingen aan - Leuke acties en veel meer!
Hello! This is a discord channel for Asian teens around the world. Stop by to hang out, chat, or just to chill! It's a great place to meet like-minded people and to make new friends. While this server is geared towards Asian teenagers, it's completely ok to join if you aren't! We try to be as welcoming as possible and hopefully in due time you'll think of this server as your second home. Currently a growing server, and in need of admins.
Welcome to the STEM Discord! This is a warm community focused in bringing individuals together to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We ask that you do your best to be professional, kind, understanding, and a humble contributor to this community, and we're glad to have you!
We are a server dedicated to helping people with their academic difficulties. We use the American Education System, but we will accept everyone regardless! Includes subjects from Math to Sports to Foreign Languages! You must be thirteen or above to be in this server. In order to become an assister or a mentor, you'll have to prove that you're talented in the fields you want to be in, especially as a mentor.
Established in 2017 with the intention to create a community of students that band together, have fun, overcome hardships, and graduate, we would like you to join the OFFICIAL GSMST Discord Server! We have tons of fun here! Meet all new students at GSMST, and even old ones too! From freshmen to seniors, come visit and have a conversation! Talk about homework, ask questions about our school, or just hangout!
Roleplaying server, university concept, Min age: 16
Schuyler Academy is an education based server for those who have a thirst for knowledge and like being in a school-like setting. https://schuyleracademy.wordpress.com/
Ihr lebt bis zum (mindestens) 16 Lebensjahr euer Leben in eurer Heimat in euren Verhältnissen. Eines Tages (nach dem 16 Lebensjahr) erhaltet ihr einen Brief mit einem Siegel aus Wachs. Es ist ein Brief von der Rainsworth Academy. Diese Akademie ist sehr berühmt und überall bekannt. Man sagt die Leute die an diese Akademie lehren seien höchst begabt und sehr intelligente Persönlichkeiten. Jedoch läuft es dort ein wenig anders. Nicht ihr schreibt Bewerbungen für diese Akademie, sondern die Akademie schickt jährlich selbst die Einladungen aus und sucht sich somit ihre Schüler selber aus.
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
Calling all Acellus Academy Students! This server is for help and tutoring with any Acellus subjects. We also have general chats to meet your fellow classmates!
Welcome to the GCSE server. The rules here are fairly simple, don't be toxic and you should be fine. However we should point out that moderators are at liberty to 'moderate' however they please. We hope that you can learn something from this server and maybe teach others as well. Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Lynbrook High School "Soaring for Excellence" Lynbrook High School is a discord text-roleplay revolved around the scene of a highschool. Lynbrook was established on August 9th, 2019 by Principal Will B. Greer. ⭐ Friendly Staff ⭐ Great Educational Experience ⭐ Fun & Active Roleplay ⭐ Sports and Extracurricular Activities The vision of Lynbrook High School is to provide the best high-quality education and to empower students to achieve their goals. We will achieve our goals by; - Building strong connections between students and teachers. - Providing a challenging curriculum that prepares scholars for the real world. - Meeting all students' needs by evaluating, reflecting, and implementing ideas to improve instruction and academic needs. - Implementing programs a part of the Lynbrook High School's CTE Program that prepares students for their future careers.
A server to help anyone in need whether it is school or daily life
Welcome to Ademia Academy! Here, we take our classes seriously and work hard for good grades. Don't let that fool you, though. We have many crazy events that make classes worth the fun! Even if you don't like this server, there is two others that you could love! All you have to do is join this server to get the link. Ademia is a prestige school, we would love to have you.
This is the official Discord server for Academic Story, a game where you run a school, starting from elementary, then moving on to a middle school, a high school, and then a college. This is where announcements and development updates will be posted. There is also a channel for making suggestions.
Hogwarts? HogWASH, we say! Forget Parry Hotter and join us for Frank the Thunderbird! We eagerly await your return NIFFLER & hope to see you at the start of term. 🦅
Hi we talk about academic philosophy, watch movies and look at pictures of dogs. We have a funny French name. Free entry this week only!
Awesome Internet Games offers over 200+ unblocked games for school and work!
A server for gacha editors, gachatubers, gacha artists or just people who like using gacha!
Welcome to the TCS! We are a social community with a lean towards college and college-admissions. Come join if you got questions or want to have a fun time!
This is created for us to hangout, play games together, have debates, help with school, and cooperate together.
🍭 CUTE TEEN CLOTHES 🍭 A meeting place that is dedicated to fashion, beauty and style! Public real styles used by teens and school girls in normal street wear! 🍧 SFW 🍧 Cute little clothes 🍧 Roleplay 🍧 Self-assigned roles 🍧 Love and beauty!
This is a community for people attending, working at, or interested in Santa Barbara City College. Here you can meet new people, ask questions about the school / classes, and more.
- a lot of epic channels like venting, images, memes, and music bot - we take suggestions for bots to add - we have plenty of roleplaying channels - nice staff - and some other stuff
Become a witch and step foot into the Magic Realm. Join the W.I.T.C.H Academy and fight demons to protect the magic and mortal realm in this new roleplay! 🎃 Original Story and Lore! 🔮 Turn-based duelling system 🎃 Perform Magic and other abilities! 🔮 High Fantasy RP! 🎃 Fight monsters and demons! 🔮 Participate in events to rank up and grow your character's strength! 🎃 And More!
Thank you for taking the time to read this, come join us today and be apart of our family! Once you join you are apart of our family and are in safe hands. ~The Home Of D O R K S
This server is an academic server dedicated to the academic pursuit of knowledge with many subject areas and events to suit your fancy! We hope you enjoy your stay!
A community for people who need help or give help with education-related stuff.
╱╲╳╱╲IDOL PROJECT AGENC╲╱╲╳╱╲ Une agence et université de mannequinat, acting, chant, danse... Elle est située dans New-York. Les futures stars internationales, sont repérées par cette toute nouvelle agence qui a fait des partenariats avec de grands labels et réalisateurs autour du monde. Un grand établissement tout neuf à la pointe de la technologie avec un grand internat. Tout est fait pour que les futures stars soient parfaitement à l’aise dans le bâtiment tout en gardant certaines libertés. Ils ont à leur disposition des professeurs et professionnels pour les suivre à tous les niveaux et être assurés de leur bien-être. Personne ne sait d’où viennent les fonds de cette école, mais elle est gratuite. Mais il est impossible d’y entrer, il faut être choisi par l’agence dont personne ne sait comment le recrutement se fait. Le programme scolaire est divisé en quatre cursus principaux: Apollon, Athéna, Dionysos et Artémis. Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous à l'université Idol Project !
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