Role-Playing | Anime
Tired of super powered interdimensional universities filled with furries and 2,509 year old half succubus half nekos? Searching for a slice of life RP where people actually focus on the RP and not on memes? Wanna contribute to a growing in character world that promotes unique ideas and activities? Wanna play in an environment that prioritizes character relationships over super powers and magic? Then Union City's what you've been looking for! As a fan of slice of life, I find discord lacking for worlds designed for characters who are only human. But that doesn't mean we're lacking in creativity. Your characters will have a huge variety of channels to interact in. Do you like renaissance fairs and pizza? Then take a trip to King Arthur's, where all the servers are dressed as lords and ladies of ye olde times. Inside you'll find an expansive city with even more original, kooky places and organizations for your interactions, including an extremely fleshed out university!
Education | Community
This is a server where anyone and everyone is allowed, you can talk to college students/professors about college and the campuses of college's. You can also just talk to peers here about applications to your favorite college's, and maybe meet some new friends. This server is also home to great debates, and great discussions.
Design | Art
This group was created for us all to help each-other out. I am a senior in college for Architecture and I want to share resources and information that I have found useful along my way. I also want to create a place for architects to talk and ask each-other questions, I find myself as a senior asking more questions than ever, and with a group of us all working together we can get through the brutal college years and adulthood ahead of us.
Community | Education
C'est très simple, on a reproduit l'école. (bon il y a un côté troll bien sûr) Communauté très active!!!
Meme | Technology
Homework help for engieering students, minimal mod intervention, memes, fun, ect
Education | Entertainment
Chegger is a Discord Server that helps you with homework. We offer giveaways and are a community full of students and learners. Join Chegger today!
Education | Community
Welcome, Everyone! Welcome to the IIT Madras Online Degree Discord server, a student-made community for both prospective and current students.
Hobbies | Education
We are college students, we chat and do the worst karaoke in the world. We drink water,
Sports | Social
Welcome to the College Sports Network! CSN is a college sports server focusing on College Football and College Basketball. We have discussion channels for college basketball and football, off-topic channels, conference channels to brag about your conference, and voice channels!
Education | Hobbies
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Education | Science
This growing community is an excellent place to share knowledge, ask questions, and just to chat. With a community of 1600+ students, professionals, and interested laypeople, the Psychology Den is a great place to find academic discussion related to the science of Psychology. Note: This is not a therapy or support server. We cannot (and will not) offer professional help or advice.
Community | Education
Welcome to the TCS! We are a social community with a lean towards college and college-admissions. Come join if you got questions or want to have a fun time!
Community | Social
This is a community for people attending, working at, or interested in Santa Barbara City College. Here you can meet new people, ask questions about the school / classes, and more.
Community | Design
Le CNED V2, serveur spécial Coronavirus! Il y a des profs et des élèves tout ce qu'il faut pour avoir un futur. Des profs trop chauds pour vous enseigner.
Community | Education
C'est très simple, on a reproduit l'école. (bon il y a un côté troll bien sûr) Communauté très active!!!
Education | Community
A growing community centered around education and schoolwork, catering to demographics ranging from middle schoolers to college students. Academics aims to provide a hub in which students can interact with like-minded individuals studying similar fields from all around the global, as well as offer and receive assistance from peers and tutors alike. Currently recruiting staff!
Community | Technology
We are a friendly and laid back community of people who love to chat about technology, anime, gaming, science, movies and TV shows, or whatever else we're interested in. Everyone is welcomed!
Education | Social
⭐ 𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐒 𝐎𝐅 𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐒: The #1 most active study server on Discord!
Role-Playing | LGBT
A Highschool roleplay server. There are loads of channels to rp in, so come and join us and make a character :)
Sports | Music
Sports-based server for fans of any sport. Server also hosts discussions of various other topics such as music, politics, TV/movies, and everything else.
Education | Community
This group is for discussions related to CUNY, anything a student may need or want to know about CUNY activity and infrastructure.
Community | Science
Do you need help with various science topics? Or do you want to express your interests in science, and discuss your findings, or share interesting news with others? Well, then you guys found the correct place! Here at Science Bazaar, we aim to serve free help to individuals struggling with course-work ranging from general chemistry, to organic chemistry, as well as mathematics. Everyone is welcome!
Community | Education
Chemistry-Physics-math and other topics help! College and High school chat! Science challenge with NITRO AND MONEY PRIZES! Join our friendly educational server!
Political | Science
Servidor dedicado a discutir como los estudiantes universitarios podemos aplicar nuestros conocimientos para el beneficio exclusivo del proletariado.
Education | Community
Do you have Assignments, homeworks, quizzes, Exams or discussion posts which are due and wondering what to do? Hire academic professional who will handle various University, college, and High school Assignments.We guarantee you quality work which leads to better grades which in turn boosts your GPA. We charge fair prices according to your budget. PM for more inquiries or reach at.I know that my channel is new here and we do not scam people. Repost my channel to one member and recieve a discount on any assignment.
Community | Education
📚 Textbook/Expert Answers 🎉 REGULAR GIVEAWAYS! 🎉 🧿 CourseHero Coming Soon 🔥 OVER 6K MEMBERS! 👨Looking for Staff
Community | Education
Reliable Chegg Solutions Free Chegg Paid Chegg Robust System - Multiple Bots - Multiple Chegg Accounts 24/7 Customer Service
Community | Education
Reliable Chegg Solutions Backup Systems -Multiple Bots & Chegg Accounts Free Chegg Paid Chegg No Cooldown 24/7 Customer Service
Education | Political
Academia is a hangout server for college students with newly expanding channels to share memes, play video games, establish new friendships, vent, and more. We also provide several spaces to discuss politics and work on homework assignments with other users.
Music | Community
WWSU 106.9 FM is an independent, non-profit, student-run radio station organization at Wright State University. Since 1977, we have delivered a diverse mix of music, talk shows, interviews, Raider sports coverage, and campus news.
Education | Community
Discord for cheap chegg unlocks (bonus free unlocks!) 24 hr support cheapest prices out there you can ask chegg questions too!
Community | Education
📚 FREE Chegg Answers 🧿 CourseHero UNLOCKS Coming Soon 🎉 REGULAR GIVEAWAYS! 🎉 🔥 Rapidly Growing Community! OVER 13k MEMBERS 👨Looking for Staff
Education | Community
Project GPA is your ultimate solution to boost your GPA to through roof! As college students ourselves, we understand the burden of weekly quizzes. When the send is calling on a Friday night, but your weekly quiz is due in a few hours… Yes, we’ve all been there. Project GPA allows you to look up answers for essentially any question on your college quizzes/tests through ⓒ completely uncensored! It’s been proven that an average student can go from getting Cs to As effortlessly simply by using our service. If that does not interest you in any way, then we don’t know what does! Join our server to find out more!
Education | Community
Welcome to Vedant Academy for all JEE (Main+Advance) aspirant.A community centered around education and schoolwork, catering to demographics ranging from middle schoolers to college students.