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A democratically run US politics server averaging 8,000 posts a day featuring a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
A democratically run US politics server averaging 8,000 posts a day featuring a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
A democratically run US politics server averaging 8,000 posts a day featuring a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
We are the #1 Discord Server, to Advertise Yours! Our aim is to be the leading server that helps other servers and owners in AYS grow and develop. We have custom bump bots, resources such as the embed generator on our website and more...
In this discord server, you will see updates. MWSoft is a company that is selling software. MWSoft is giving many solutions. Also, we are offering giveaways for our software, so you can try to take it for free.
Pour toute les personnes qui souhaitent progresser et devenir meilleur. Nous avons des sections variées : business, finance, séduction, littérature, craft, nutrition, sport et art. Nous faisons des réunions tout les dimanche soir à 20h en vocal, nous avons des défis de la semaine et des conférences tout les mois.
Global Advertising 🌐 International-Scale discord server where everyone from all across the world can advertise and make new friends! 🌐 💝 We offer you: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👑 Free Advertising 🎩 Partnerships 🎀 New well sorted Server 📌 Tips & Tricks 💻 Discord Advertising 🎭 Social Media Advertising 📑 Loads of channels ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 💎Join us and let your community grow 💎 Here's the invite:
An indie game studio located in the UK. Retro style, modern innovation.
This server is a csgo and tf2 trading server that aims to be friendly and fun for every user in it, please join and have a good time
Welcome to AW Advertising server! This well protected and built server is all about advertising, and nothing else! You can share your discord servers, YouTube channels, your music, media, and much more! I wish you all good luck on your social medias, and hope that you all enjoy our built up server advertising system, cheers!
A great server where you can get free nitro for invites!
This is a server focused on community but we have a market place! -no nsfw for now -we are looking for inviters
Syndicate Advertisements is a widely used platform to advertise discords, social media platforms and job oppurtunities!
We offer high quality, hand picked & regularly checked social media signals for several platforms, directly & comfortable within Discord!
Welcome to Uts market! I sell methods! Methods to cheap and free Shit, like 56 free money making product methods to do yourself, cheap amazon point method used to buy whatever you want on amazon! Cheap doordash method, AirPod method, and more!! Sika also sells methods like how to get free shoes, free controllers, free nike shit and more!
A server for making bots for free! 5$/month Hosting fee! Faster order completion at 2$/feature! Reach Lvl 20 to get Bots for free!
Here all invites are paid, invite and get money.
Firee's Market is a fun Legit server! Invite rewards, ETC!
#SALUT A TOUS L’ÉQUIPE EST-CE QUE VOUS CONNAISSEZ LE PREMIER SERVEUR BUSINESS FRANCOPHONE ? **B U S I N E S S M A F I A :moneybag::office: ┅┅┅┅┅ 【:dollar:】 ┅┅┅┅┅ 🏦 De nombreux rôles tél que : Tradeur, Dropshippeur, Pronostiqueur, Développeur, Artiste. Bref à chacun son business 🎮 Un Channel et des rôles pour les gameurs, pour rencontrer un ou des partenaires de jeux 🔰 Un staff à l’écoute toujours présent pour régler les conflits 🎁 De nombreuse animations et giveaways et une belle décoration des salons et des rôles 📥 Un salon #publicity pour faire votre publicité 🌟 Les VIP ont accès à nos pronostiques gagnants, un nitro offert, si vous voulez gagnez de l'argent vous etes au bon endroit venez sur le serveur pour découvrir les autres avantages ! ┅┅┅┅┅ 【:dollar:】 ┅┅┅┅┅ B U S I N E S S M A F I A :moneybag::office:
Selling Ikonik Bundle method Price: 25€ BTC With this method you can easily claim the bundle multiple times and its 100% working and safe!!
Cheap minecraft hosting and free minecraft server advertising!
Fallen Angels is a community that focuses on helping players achieve their desired ranks.
Requires PayPal
Find people to join your server fast. Growing server of 40 a week High quality standerd
A server that provides different services, mostly related to Roblox, and also a communication server.
We sell gift cards and amazon orders at discounted prices
We use a powerful cluster of web servers that are all interconnected to act as one giant super computer. This technology is years ahead of most other hosting companies. Combining the power of many servers creates lightning fast website speed. Not only is the service extremely fast, it is resistant to failures that effect 'single server' hosting, used by most other free and paid hosting providers. If one of our clustered servers were to fail or have a problem, your website will continue to run normally using the working servers!
(PC) Hello!, If You Need Cash For GTA 5 Join This Server! We Are New, And Doing Cheap Undectable, Money Services Using An Amazing Client. We Also Service Levels, and have special deals.
Türkiye'nin En Büyük Discord Sunucularından Kargadio
Un projet ? JeProjet. Venez vous faire aider dans la création de votre projet et aussi apporter vos propres connaissances. Optez pour JeProjet !
The official server of Jay Cartere and grow on youtube.
Biggest And Most Trusted Runescape Black Market Discord! Buy / Sell / Swap / Trade everything Runescape Related. Dont have a reputation? Join and start one! Verified and trusted middleman's at your figuretips . Active giveaways throught the week!
Hello! Welcome to Chill Advertising! We are a server with a community and mostly advertising. We have heaps of advertising categorys! We also offer -Fun bots -Staff applications -Spam channels -Giveaways -Moderation -Gaming -Much more! We will be getting a lot more people into our server soon! Please come down and help grow the server. We also need staff so make sure to apply. Have a great day and thank you!!!
[PT-BR] Uma loja de ScreenShare que promete a melhor qualidade aos compradores, entra aí. [EN-US] A ScreenShare store that promises better quality to buyers, goes there.
Nevech World is a community where we post on different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and on our website. We also want to expand to bigger things that can help everyone instead of us. Discord is just one of the social media platforms that we don't post on yet.
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