Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
Code Workshop is a community of people learning and talking about programming. From web development to machine learning and robotics. A community for learning to code, or for experienced programmers developing new skills.
# Inoffizielle Ford Community # Wenn du dich für Themen wie Autos, Fahrzeugtechnik, Tuning, Zukunftstechnologie, etc. interessierst oder Hilfe bei Fahrzeugproblemen suchst, bist du hier genau richtig.
A community for all the Dark Net enthusiasts! Discuss, share, and help others on their path to the dark web research. Daily updates, market news, and help to not get scammed are provided daily.
A Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space: astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space travel, exploration, observing, astrophotography, space pictures, etc. We have daily activity, have feeds, post livestreams of launches, and do trivias. Spacecord is for everyone interested in space, you don't necessarily need to be an expert.
A community server for like-minded people who want to step up their online money making game! GPT sites, affiliate marketing, web development, dropshipping, passive income and more!
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
Technology discussion including hardware, apps, and much more. Google, Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Technologist focuses on the latest in what matters in technology daily.
A server where we will help you with your coding needs!
[Test via un bot nécessaire pour être admis] La caverne du développeur est un serveur discord français permettant de parler de programmation ou de tout.
Projects, DIY, Programming, Webdev, Gamedev, Robotics, Electronics crafting and repair, and more! Come see and find out all the projects that will inspire you!
This is a ethical hacking server that teaches you about Kali Linux and how it works. Come joins us in the fun and educate your self on how to protect your self from attacks and how to attack only for educational purposes. We do weekly events for teaching what the members suggest. Don't miss out!
Welcome to Techified! This is a server for tech enthusiasts of all kinds, like PC builders & gamers, phone enthusiasts, hackers of all kind, etc!
I am a creator and feel the need to present the best of tech to people all around me. So, come join me in this venture of tech and make this world a better place using tech of greatest times!
Cloud Architecture and Security (CaaS) is a brand-new server for professionals and those interested in: DevSecOps, Cloud Architecture, Security Engineering & Architecture, Blue Team, Red Team, and all other related roles!
I will host any discord bot of yours for free indefinitely. If that changes in future, i will give you 3 months in advance to prepare. This doesn't mean i will code a bot for you. Only means i host any type of bot for you for free if you provide me the bot scripts.
Game collecting, we discuss everything related to collecting and playing retro and modern games. We are the oldest and largest independent game collecting server on Discord. Other topics discussed are things like computer building and homebrew developement. Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to our server, Nintendo 64! Our server is the perfect place for Nintendo 64 fans who want to share their newest acquisitions or have a chat with various users about Nintendo 64 games, retro games and the newest gaming trends! Just use the related channel to start sharing your knowledge with us! If you need any help, don't hesitate asking to one of our moderators. See you in the server!
We are a discord server for receiving and giving help on C and C++, feel free to stick around and join in a programming discussion :)
🔌This server is my marketplace where I sell digital services that saves people the most amount of money possible. Target Redcards and Amazon Store cards, accounts such as Hulu, Spotify Premium, Crunchyroll, Disney+ and more. This is a trusted server with 0 tolerance for scamming and have tons of more services avaialbe. JOIN NOW!🔌
Programmers Palace is an community for people of all experience levels who are interested in programming or computer science. We also have events and competitions! If you are looking to share, help, learn or discuss, then programmers palace is for you.
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
Un serveur où tous ceux intéressés par le monde de Linux peuvent venir.
This is a new server starting from the ground up. It's meant to be a place where you can ask for help and share cool projects with others, without the toxicity!
KixKan is an upcoming project of multiple things. A better and safer environment.
Ti piace giocare ai videogiochi o vuoi solo cazzeggiare un po' con qualche tuo amico? Allora questo è il posto giusto per te!!! Abbiamo lanciato questo nuovo server con diverse stanze riservate ai temi che ho citato precedentemente che man mano aumenteranno con l'arrivo di tutti VOI!!!! Avanti che aspetti?! Diventa anche tu un membro di Hyper Gaming!!! Ti Aspettiamo!!!
Join our server if you are interested in any aspects of technology. Programming, gaming, electronics, linux; you can talk about it all. We promote discussions and moderation will always be active.
๑Topluluğumuz yazılımsal ve donanımsal konularda sorunlarınızı çözmeyi,paylaşımlarda bulunmayı amaçlamaktadır. ๑İlgilendiğimiz konular: ๑programlama dilleri ๑İşletim sistemleri ๑Discord bot geliştirme ๑Yapay zeka ve algoritma ๑Mobil masaüstü programlama ๑Siber Güvenlik ๑web tasarım ๑İşlemciler ve Ekran Kartları ๑Akıllı telefonlar ๑Ram ve depolama teknolojisi ๑Gömülü sistemler ๑Kamera ve görüntü kalitesini arttıran etmenler ๑Bağlantı teknolojileri,Kablosuz bağlantılar ๑Ekran teknolojisi ๑Uzun olmasın diye daha yazmadığım birçok konu var :) @here ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑ Donanım , Yazılım , teknoloji türk discord sunucular , türk , tr ,türkiye , türkçe turkish discord server
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