Thank You for Checking out the TSF Server!


TSF is one of the longest-lived online gaming communities on the internet, having been founded in 1997. A lot has changed since those days, but one thing that remains the same is our community atmosphere that has kept us going and produced many thousands of alumni. Whether you're seeking the thrill of high competition or a relief from the daily grind, TSF has opportunities for you.

Our Discord server is kept simple and low-noise. We focus on what the gamer wants and avoid the fringe excesses. We don't pack our server with bots or phantom users. We don't chase server stats or platform metrics. We're here because we want to be the favored hangout of the gamer who expects more from online play. We hold regular events to help players meet up with one another, and you can check out the list of upcoming events on the top of our server once you join.

There is no obligation to join the TSF organization, and members of other teams are welcomed on our server. TSF club members do have additional perks and can join our competition units in various games. You can find more details on our server or on our website:

Thanks for checking out our server listing. We hope you will join our server, enjoy your stay, and perhaps even invite a couple of your friends to join as well. Since we've lasted for this long, we figure we must be doing something right!