The Nexus with over a 1000 members is an international community mainly focused on language learning via voice chat. Come and practice the language you are learning by having interesting conversations with native speakers, expand your vocabulary and learn about the culture behind the language, immerse your self in a language experience. English, Spanish, French and more.
Our Discord server is a serious server for Japanese and English beginners. You can try talking and practicing conversation, writing, and recruiting study friends. If you are interested, please join! Let's chat!
Join a great community for Slavs and learners where you can have friendly discussions about languages, history, and cultures!
Un serveur consacré à l'apprentissage de la langue française! On vous attend! / A server dedicated to learning French! Come join us :)
Hi Welcome To My Server
Here u can talk about Mario 64 in different languages
This is official channel of Korean Lab. a channel for studying Korean, language exchange between Korean/Non-Korean, making friends and learning other cultures.
Irish Language server. Have fun 'as Gaeilge' and connect with other people learning Irish. Bain sult as an bhfreastalaí seo. There is a space for English if you have questions.
Ezen a szerveren tanulhatsz másoktól akármilyen témába ha szeretnél valamit tanulni illetve segíthetsz másoknak tanulni. A szerver célja segíteni a másiknak ha esetleg valamit nem tud. További infókat a szerveren találsz!
C'est un serveur pour parler des BTS (évidemment). Des memes, des discussions entre Army, des rencontres.... Bref un serveur pour des ARMY (quelque soit ton genre) français(e) et anglais(e). :) It's a discord for chatting about BTS (of course). Memes, conversation with other army... Anyway, a server for ARMY (whatever your genre) french and english. :)
have fun :) ;) "*) ") %%) ^^
Great community to learn a language with!
hello there
Ur a Noob if u dont join this server : P
EuroVision Song Contest Discord 2020
A server focused on providing content for Japanese learners. Anyone interested in learning Japanese by doing things you enjoy is welcome.
A server designed to bring koreans and germans together for exchanging culture, language and hitory. Feel free to join! Note: WIP
No Fear Serious RolePlay City
Dit is een Nederlandse Spel Server!
Rxcks Army
Nordisk Union (Nordic Union) is a server for everyone. You can talk about whatever you feel like since we approve of free speech.
Her planlegger WS Legends coc angrep :)
[...] The purpose of this server is to help people improving their korean skills, and for natives to exchange with people in their target language. [...] We offer resources for you to study, answers to your korean-related questions, summary lessons, and writing and speaking practice!
Un server facut pesntru cautarea unor membri de nivel bunicel in clanul nostru:)
This server is in need for teachers at the moment and this server is just like a school a bit.
Welcome to the official /r/ChineseLanguage Discord server — the best community for Chinese learners! Get advice on learning Chinese, translation help, and connect with native speakers and students.
Le serveur " Français avec Yassine " est un lieu où vous pourrez apprendre et pratiquer la langue française avec d'autres apprenants issus de la plupart des pays du Maghreb. Vous trouverez également des Français natifs à qui vous pourrez poser vos questions les plus épineuses. ----- serveur "Français avec Yassine" houwa makan youmkinoukoum min khilalih ta3aloum al lougha al ferançiya ma3a mouta3alimin akharin min mou3dam al bouldan al maghribiya wa sawfa tajidouna aydan achkhas frensiyin asli'yin youmkinoukoum an tatrahou 3alayhim al as2ila al lati takhtourou fi balikoum
디코 온라인 서버는 한국에서 운영하고 있는 랜덤 통화(채팅) 서버입니다. 해당서버 커뮤니티 지침 과 DISCORD 서비스 이용 약관를 따르고 있습니다. Deco Online Server is a random call (chat) server operated in Korea. We follow the server community guidelines and the DISCORD Terms of Service.