A dedicated server to the game, War Thunder! We play War Thunder, and we grind together as a community! Non-NSFW server, with great music, bots, memes, and more!
Conspiracies, Politics, Current Affair's, History, Paranormal, Philosophy, Aliens!
This server is for people who play hearts of iron 4 and other paradox games!
You will raise your young as Mandalorians and defend them. You will wear our armor, and speak our language. And you will serve the clan, and rally when called. These are the Resol'nare  (the Six Actions) sacred to our movement. Do them and you may live to call yourselves Mandalorians!
We are a very friendly community with a focus on the online free-to-play game War Thunder with a small focus on Azur Lane and other disorganized games. Toxicity is contained and being toxic in main channels is forbidden.
A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
A place for current, former, and future sailors to hang out or ask questions
Discord for the DayZuchten DayZ Servers.
A military history server with a wide range of topics and wars to discuss! Come join us for trivia, memes, and even a real time retelling of World War 2!
A growing casual server based around the World Wars and games about them. Don't desert your post.
Join the Holy Volkhaven Empire! ~Welcoming the Right to Far-Right Wing in our growing Community. ~We are a Christian Community! ~We will not let Leftism destroy us, we shall remain traditional!
In no way we promote nazi ideology. We do reconstruct it in a purpose of private collection expanding only. We live in a nazi village. Autonomously.
Casual mil-sim community primarily playing Squad
🔸 Güzelce hazırlanmış odalar ve rol sistemi. 🔸 Saygı çerçevesinde sohbet. 🔸 Yeni yetkililer arıyoruz. 🔸 Zaman geçirmek için güzel bir mekan. 🔸kanser ve ultra bir kitle 🔸 Şikayetiniz olduğunda geri çevrilmeyeceğinize emin olabilirsiniz. 🔱 Hemen bize katıl pişman olursan çıkabilirsin, bizim için sorun olmaz! ^^
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gaming
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events.
Civil Air Patrol Squadron 123 Group 6 PA wing. Any CAP members are welcome; this server may be used for group / wing or higher conversations
This server is a growing army community family growing little by little recruiting and helping other servers with protection and no matter how many times we fail we will learn from them and use weaknesses as strength to win against raids and wars.
A discord for the EpochZ gaming community
Naval Mountain Warfare Unit is a multi-gaming community for the most popular games on Steam, Xbox Live and PSN.
Devido a una gran guerra a escala mundial por los recursos naturales, solo dos de las grandes potencias quedaron en pie. Una de ellas rusia devido a su armamento milital y gran preparación fisica pudo aguantar el asedio de varios paises vecinos y acabar conquistando dichos paises Por otra parte EEUU devido a sus entrenamientos militares y gran destreza con las armas de fuego de gran calibre también pudo asediar directamente a los paises vecinos y hacerse con el territorio
The Assault Battalion is an emergent Squad outfit. We play and organize drawing from military experience and know-how. With a healthy mixture of 50% milsim and 50% memes we tend to not take things too seriously..., until we do. Are you looking for a tight knit, highly organized but flexible and friendly outfit to play Squad? Look no further than the Assault Battalion. We offer high cohesive game-play with leaders who know their stuff. We operate on a basis of trust and brotherhood, and you'll find no acceptance anywhere else on the internet than ours. Want to learn and train? The Assault Battalion believes in taking experience and knowledge from both real life and in-game and teaching it to others. This way we stay on top of the game, offering unparalleled expertise and cohesion in battle.
Neo nazi türk sunucusu
Talk with fellow canines and become a dog of war.
Server Grzybów
Portuquês: Focado em programação. English: Focused on programming.
A place where friends become family. Have fun trolling others but never each other. Military veterans and active duty focused. Here you have a place to talk and gamer's to game with. Join us and make our journey together interesting :)
SOG is a milsim gaming community with a focus on teamwork and community, primarily active in games like Arma 3 and Squad, as well as others.
never let you guard down
Server Nationalist Romanesc.
Nationalist server