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Military | Community
Welcome to the Kingdom of Holland. This is a line battle group where we will be doing mostly line battles. Once we grow up to more members we will be splitting server and getting company's to go against each other. Tournaments might happen if we get members so join the kingdom of Holland now.
Jus Pressé (HOI4 FR) Icon
Gaming | Military
Un petit serveur actif FR où on organise régulièrement des parties multi HOI4, et également du CK3. On accepte volontiers les débutants sur les parties, ça aide beaucoup d'apprendre en multijoueur. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, plus on sera nombreux, plus on s'amusera sur les parties !
The 46th Battalion Icon
Military | Meme
A military history server with a wide range of topics and wars to discuss! Come join us for trivia, memes, and chronological retellings of conflicts such as World War 2 and the Roman Empire!
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Gaming | Military
This is the official Aftermath DayZ server. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon. Description will be available soon.
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Military | Gaming
Connect with fellow airsoft players at the Airsoft Hub. - Friendly community. - Field locations near you. - Fiend local stores. - Chat, questions, equipment, etc. - Airsoft social media and news. - Beginner, tactical, and technical guides.
United Front Icon
Gaming | Military
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events. We run a server in Squad that goes by the same name, hop in and join us!
Civil Air Patrol Squadron 123 Icon
Community | Military
Civil Air Patrol Squadron 123 Group 6 PA wing. Any CAP members are welcome; this server may be used for group / wing or higher conversations
1st Infantry Battalion Icon
Gaming | Military
EpochZ Icon
Gaming | Military
A discord for the EpochZ gaming community
Assault Battalion Icon
Gaming | Military
The Assault Battalion is an emergent Squad outfit. We play and organize drawing from military experience and know-how. With a healthy mixture of 50% milsim and 50% memes we tend to not take things too seriously..., until we do. Are you looking for a tight knit, highly organized but flexible and friendly outfit to play Squad? Look no further than the Assault Battalion. We offer high cohesive game-play with leaders who know their stuff. We operate on a basis of trust and brotherhood, and you'll find no acceptance anywhere else on the internet than ours. Want to learn and train? The Assault Battalion believes in taking experience and knowledge from both real life and in-game and teaching it to others. This way we stay on top of the game, offering unparalleled expertise and cohesion in battle. Icon
Gaming | Military
The Niggitos Server Icon
Military | YouTuber
Avarice Icon
Gaming | Military
A place where friends become family. Have fun trolling others but never each other. Military veterans and active duty focused. Here you have a place to talk and gamer's to game with. Join us and make our journey together interesting :)
Sentinel Operations Group Icon
Gaming | Military
SOG is a milsim gaming community with a focus on teamwork and community, primarily active in games like Arma 3 and Squad, as well as others.
RoadToValor Icon
Military | Gaming
RoadToValor players can enjoy talking about tips and trick or share your ideas about game
División Hispana KDII Icon
Military | Role-Playing
CLAN de Simulación Militar de habla Hispana (Español), con sistema de Rangos y Roleo(Simualción de cadena de Mando). Usamos Mods al igual que el TeamSpeak para una inmersión sin precedentes.
Lost Legacy Icon
Gaming | Military
Untitled Earth Server Icon
Military | Role-Playing
Semi-roleplay server about running or living in a country. Have fun!
Respawnables RP Clan Icon
Hello, and welcome to the Respawnables Rookie Power Clan Server. This server uses @Vulcan Dynamite ( MEE6 ) to measure your activity. Every minute you post something will net you experience, which leads to you gaining levels and getting higher up the leaderboard. Before you start talking in this server, I advice you to familiarise yourself with the #🚩-rules
Little’s Roman Empire Icon
Gaming | Military
The Archaic legion Icon
Military | Role-Playing
·The Archaic Legion is the final hope to save the Galaxy· ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ «News:The Archaic Legion has risen» «ERA:The The Galactic Civil War» ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The Archaic Legion is a side that is not completely in the dark side or the light we use both to keep peace in the galaxy. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ !We need Admins and Devs if you would like to become a admin or dev just ask Me The Owner ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ if you have any questions just ask an Admin/Jedi Council Member
HARAMI E-Spor Icon
eSports | Military
Point Blank'ın İçinde Olan Bir Klanın Resmi Discord Sunucusudur.
AMS eSports Club Icon
eSports | Military
join here to learn more about Army medical services and esports in the british military
Leaf Client Icon
Military | Programming
Server for LeafClient
ARMA3.SPACE Старперцы Вперёд!!! Icon
Gaming | Military
Bravo Six Icon
Entertainment | Military
Martial Fragiles Icon
Community | Military
We are fighting against what happened in the past and all the negativity.
War Gaming Army Icon
Gaming | Military
Come and join the battles on our Arma 3 Wasteland servers.
World of Tanks Blitz Icon
Military | eSports
Легендарный танковый шутер. Сражайся в командных боях 7 на 7 в одиночку или с друзьями, исследуй и улучшай бронетехнику, пробуй разные тактики и побеждай.
World of Tanks Blitz Icon
Military | eSports
Легендарный танковый шутер. Сражайся в командных боях 7 на 7 в одиночку или с друзьями, исследуй и улучшай бронетехнику, пробуй разные тактики и побеждай.
Royal Engineers eSports Club Icon
eSports | Military
@SappersGG Royal Engineers eSports Club.
Advanced Squad Leader | Central Icon
Gaming | Military
This server is dedicated to the most awesome wargame community in the world : Advanced Squad Leader!!
Javelin’s Tactical Gaming Icon
Gaming | Military
A casual gaming server that specializes in casual milsim and tactical games such as Squad, Arma 3, DCS, and many more. Come check us out!
European Federation Icon
Community | Military
The European Confederation is Military and Economic Union of Europe. We have our own economy, industry. But we need strong army our current is weak, of course the jobs are well paid the salary of Military Personnel is up to 30k coins If that isn't deal I don't know what is! What are you waiting for, Join!
Just to Talk Icon
Military | Technology
Um server que ninguém sabe ao certo o que é.
BRA (MilSim) ArmA3 Icon
Military | Gaming
Community MilSim di Arma3 per PC. Ricreiamo scenari di guerra e cerchiamo di essere più fedeli possibili a determinati ambienti bellici.
The Imperialism Party Of GRG Icon
Gaming | Military
Chill and welcoming server that need active members.
Alpha Tactical DayZ Icon
Gaming | Military
Alpha Tactical DayZ Server
TarKoV LanD Icon
Military | Gaming
If u wanna play with friends or random poeple, Game only Escape from Tarkov
Terre Énnemie | PVP | FR (v1.0) Icon
Gaming | Military
Serveur PVP, PVE. Map : Chernarus + Slot : 20 Mods, Armes, rangement de balles plus code lock, vêtement militaires, je vais pas faire trop de blablas, venez découvrir ça par vus même ;)
Gasmasks Icon
Military | Hobbies
This server is about collecting gas masks and militaria. We are a warm and welcoming community.
Military Stuff Icon
Military | Entertainment
We are a military-related discord. Our main goal is to make military personnel join but you can join all including civilians, if you want to have a personalized role contact an admin.
Republika Pretoki Icon
Meme | Military
Serveur de furry_tracker Icon
Role-Playing | Military
Communauté de furry_tracker
Operation Hexagon DayZ Icon
Military | Gaming
This is the discord we use for our Dayz server: Operation Hexagon.
LandOfTheDead DayZ Icon
Gaming | Military
LOTD |200K Start|Loot+|Weapons+|Trader|PVP| LandOfTheDead IP: Port: 27016 Traders; • Central Trader • Vehicle Trader • Black Market Trader • Black Market Vehicle Trader
No More Bullshit Politics Icon
Community | Military
No More Bullshit Politics, no more banishment for opposing political views, no more ganging up one a weaker party. It's all bullshit. Just discuss.
Gaming | Military
🎄Empire Frаnçаis Icon
Military | Community
Join the Grande Armée,Today ! Join us on our mission to create the largest, most professional, most enjoyable Napoleonic group!
33rd Virginia Icon
Gaming | Military
The 33rd Virginia Infantry "Emerald Guard" The Confederate States and Mother Eire need your help! Join today! 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA 33rdVA
Vendetta 1943 Icon
Gaming | Military
Vendetta 1943 is a realistic cooperative MMO set in World War II, players will be immersed in authentic cooperative battles with a great diversity of detailed maps based on real locations, faithful and precise gameplay in the use of realistic arsenal of allies and the axis forces.
Angry Birds SC Icon
Gaming | Military
Junta-te a nós no Persistent Universe!
Role-Playing | Military
Serveur rôle-play français utilisant uniquement la console ( Playstation 4) sur le jeu GTA V . Basé sur des fait proche de la réalité, ce rôle-play vous entraînera dans la vie des combattant et défenseure de leur pays, ou des anarchiste voulant prendre le contrôle total de Los Santos ! Serez vous a la hauteur ? A très vite sur le serveur !
YouTuber | Military
Site - [REDACTED] Icon
Gaming | Military
We Secure. We Contain We Protect. LOG CLOSED - CLEARANCE LEVEL DENIED.
hanger 57 Icon
Anime | Military
do you like war thunder? do you like ww2? do you like anime? then this server is for you! we have a very active and friendly community to interact with and play games with! we also have a few bots some for war thunder others for anime join today you will love it!
Les Fossoyeurs Icon
Gaming | Military
Bienvenue sur le serveur Discord de l'Alliance Fossoyeurs ! Les Fossoyeurs ont pour but de dominer les mers du monde Kepoi.
Nexus Battlefield RP Server Icon
Military | Role-Playing
Do you like battlefield V RP? Well this server is for you! We have different ranks, RP’s, Divisions and more. We also do our own RP’s which includes : Trench Warfare, Beach Invasions. and occasionally long lasting campaigns! We are always looking for more soldiers, So if you’re interested I recommend you join the server, But keep in mind this is a mainly Xbox Server
RAW (US) Gaming Icon
Gaming | Military
Here at RAW-US Gaming, you will find a group of like-minded ArmA 3 enthusiasts that enjoy all aspects of this great game. We customize and provide servers on various maps to make the game a more immersive and enjoyable experience for ourselves and other players.
Uken valtakunta Icon
Furry | Military
Tämä on uken shomali serveri jossa ukke hallitsee olen komea krisu on sexbatang sexfornite huorat vittuun