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You are the president, Prime Minister, leader, etc. of a country. You must control your country to the fullest. With channels everyone can access, like real news, vent, and memes. Join now!
In no way we promote nazi ideology. We do reconstruct it in a purpose of private collection expanding only. We live in a nazi village. Autonomously.
Avete, amici. I and a few friends have created a Discord server all about Ancient Rome. We wanna build a friendly community of Roman history Buffs. This server is a secondary server to the S.P.Q.R server. We focus on the military aspect of Rome and are the military body of the S.P.Q.R sever so come on in and grab a spear cause Romes expansion is about to start.
A military history server with a wide range of topics and wars to discuss! Come join us for trivia, memes, and even a real time retelling of World War 2!
A discord community that aims to provide a positive, constructive, and welcoming discussion hub for firearms and firearms related subjects.
If you have an interest in gaming or military history you should enjoy here. If you are into grognard wargames, and especially Gary Grigsby titles like Gary Grigsby's War in the East, War in the West and War in the Pacific this is especially the place for you. Find opponents to play with and other players to advise and guide. Questions and answers with latest news on the titles. Private channels to follow and advise on games by others or for you. Socialise with a vibrant and growing community. Also a large off topic chat area from memes to politics. Suitable for everyone from experts to noobs, and for people who do not even have the games. As well as English there are channels in Spanish, French, Russian and other languages.
Welcome to Kingdoms and Dutchys! KaD is a unique one of a kind nation RP experience! Create your grand empire and conquer lands beyond your comprehension. Battle NPCs and other players with our developing war system! Join quick! We’re just starting with very few members! We hope to see you on the battlefield!
*Set in 1444, this server is a classic nation roleplay. Choose your nation, and conquer the world.*
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Gaming
A Squad based community where we casually play that and other games, we also do weekly events and play in larger multi-clan events.
Prism Dawn is a sci-fi fantasy roleplay server where you can spar with friends, do quests, and hang out! You are an adult who was taken in because you were an identified "powered" child, you have a special ability that can be used in combat. How will you use your abilities? Will you rank up? Will you go rogue? It's up to you!
Civil Air Patrol Squadron 123 Group 6 PA wing. Any CAP members are welcome; this server may be used for group / wing or higher conversations
This For Roblox And the game is being made it will be a while but this RP is awesome if you wanna join a division fill out an aplli or try out.
Good server lmao
TBLS Nation Simulator is a server where you can wage war, make allies, trade, and all sorts!
Taga gelene gif veya pp yapıyoruz
This server is a growing army community family growing little by little recruiting and helping other servers with protection and no matter how many times we fail we will learn from them and use weaknesses as strength to win against raids and wars.
A server about (mainly rightist) but all kinds of politics, and a republic discord that allows multiple players to be elected and help with the community
HoolCraft | Suomalainen minecraft palvelin!
Hi! Welcome to Monarch! A server devoted to the discovery and defense of monsters in our time.
The madness army, our army is recruiting for people interested in guns, weapons, tanks, ships, among other things, come join our madness army today!
arma 3 milsim set in 2019 we also have a limted time hl2 rp
Friends who play together, stay together.
Hello,The Penguin Defense Force Is A Club Penguin Online Army,Join Our Discord Today And Lets Become The Best CP Army Ever
Українська спільнота гравців у Rust. Тут Ви можете знайти собі напарника або поспілкуватися на тему Rust
Join us And You Will Have lot of fun and you will never leave Hope U Will Join😍
A small server meant for people who are able to fly in formation.
Ground Zero New dayz server baseraiding toxic zones trader and custom military zones , Join us today on new DayZ Standalone Community and play on our server , Custom Loots , Bases , Equipment. NO ADMIN ABUSE + ACTIVE PLAYERS
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