Just trying to make a active server
WarMonitor is a sever which follows conflicts and worldwide events. In WarMonitor, we have many members who actively gather information the minute it comes out in order to stay updated on world events as they happen. If you are interested in domestic or international politics, feel free to stop by!
Pavlov VR FR est la communauté francophone officielle du jeu "Pavlov VR". Un jeu en réalité virtuelle de type simulation & FPS.
A server that tries to eliminate everything annoying about the HOI community.
👥 Polls and Fruitful Debates on various history related topics with weekly updates . 🗿 Over 200 personalisation roles including Empires and States, Subjects of Interests, Ideologies, Time Periods to help express yourself. 🛡A levelling system with unique rewards and exclusive roles.
A military history server with a wide range of topics and wars to discuss! Come join us for trivia, memes, and even a real time retelling of World War 2!
This server is for people who play hearts of iron 4
See Description!
Un discord Heart of Iron IV totalement Français. Francophone Hoi4, vous propose la possibilité de rassembler encore plus de français, d'apprendre en vous, de vous améliorer, de jouer à plusieurs. Mais aussi de la compétition permanente, d'en vouloir toujours plus, se recrée vos empires le plus emblématique !
A Server orientated around discussion and debate of World War II, feel free to come in and chat about it. We have ranks you can obtain through chatting, as well as debate channels and country categories, so you can choose to side with a nation and debate with other nations.
Шнат ¡s тне Iмреяial Legendaяioиiaи Циioп? Тне Iмреяial Legendaяioиiaи Циioп ¡s a cчьег-социтгч goveяиеd ьч тне gяеат Ряеsideит Маякк Jeиseи. Ше наve н¡gн secця¡тч, so all aттемртs то аттаск шill fa¡l. Ше наve a gгеат goveгимеит esтаьl¡sнеd ьч тне еl¡те, киошп аs тне Иеш Legeпdaг¡oи¡ап Огdeг. Ше ассерт еvегчоие геgaгdless of geиdeг, seжцаliтч, етс. Тнеге аге а loт оf тн¡иgs чоц сап do неге. Ше наve cuггеисч, fгieиdlч соммциiтч, gaмеs, g¡veaшауs, a cas¡ио, апd моге! Епjoч чоцг sтач, c¡т¡zeп! Gloяч то Legeпdaг¡oи!
Your online aviation community
A global and big military focusing on Air Combat through Carrier Landing HD, Gunship 3, Gunship sequel ww2 and more combat games. We've been form as the VFA-31 division of Gobal Aviator Military but got separate to form the Virtual Flight Military Air Attack Force and later rename Carrier Landing Air Attack Force in honor of Carrier Landing Global Military which was disbanded in February or March of 2020.
Cynosure is a Roleplay server, home of the BIG Roleplay Universe 1!
-------- ✮ RISE OF THE THIRD REICH ✮-------- Hey there fella, seems we caught your attention, huh, let's get straight to the point then. Rise of the Third Reich is a brand new role-play server like no other, we have a unique role-play idea that allows you to change history as small as a sailor or big as a nation leader, we don't accept troglodyte leaders and HICOM so don't expect idiotic major players who had a lobotomy. Other than that we have tons of cool emojis and offer a unique experience,
Serveur Francophone squad
Team Francophone existant depuis 2006, Evoluant dans tous les jeux de stratégie. Nous sommes présent sur : -Compagny Of Heroes 2 -Hearts of iron 4 -Europa Universalis -Age Of empire -Total War -Crusader King -Stellaris -Starcraft -Warcraft https://www.dregomorn.fr/
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community
A roleplaying server set in 1983 USSR in the aftermath of nuclear war
A military discord server aiming to provide knowledge about the military primarily the US military, all are welcome to join.
This is an Anti Furry discord server with nazi theme This server isn't friendly or you can say its offensive for some people If you are being offended inside the server or when looking at the thumbnail, leave or don't join it
𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝘼𝙫𝙞𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙉𝙚𝙧𝙙𝙨 A growing discord of Aviation nerds, with places to share pictures of your favourite aircraft, with channels to talk to other pilot about aviation. Anyone from a qualified pilot, to someone who is simply interested in aviation is welcome. we have: -Channels to share pictures -Real Pilots -Plane Spotters
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
This is a hangout server mainly for Hearts of Iron 4 and Girls und Panzer, we have an active community, laid back admins and a lot of shitty memes. We usually have multiple HOI4 games a week so if you enjoy playing HOI4 a lot, whether it be serious or more laid back games, you'll almost always find someone ready to play on this server. While HOI4 is the game we play most often, there are also other games occasionally played here such as Stellaris and Total War. No matter where you're from or what your beliefs are, everyone is welcome so come and stay! syria
The server is situated in Berlin in year 1944, end of the war is near and you are trying to win the war for the fatherland. We have many regiments, Heer, SS, OrPo, NSDAP and even FePo. The server is trying to be as most historically accurate as possible.
JSOC is a small unit that focuses on special forces operations. We are a US-EU unit where we offer a fun and friendly experience where everyone can feel welcome and included. We are a noob-friendly unit and we can offer all kinds of training to sharpen up your skill! We are also a semi-serious group that can get the objective done but we also aim to have fun together and we expect you to treat everyone with respect if you want to get respected as well. We are a small experienced group unit since we believe the best gaming experience is to be part of the group as an individual and not be viewed as an expendable number on the battlefield. Our missions tend to scale from small operations such as reconnaissance up to all-out-war scenarios.
UNKNOWN 0000 servidor do game insurgency 2014. Criado para a interação entre players para suporte.