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🌟230 self-assignable roles 🔥Nitro raffles 🤔Politics, philosophy, psychology, typology 💥400+ emotes 💎Level 3 boosted 🎙Active VCs
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🌟230 self-assignable roles 🔥Nitro raffles 🤔Politics, philosophy, psychology, typology 💥400+ emotes 💎Level 3 boosted 🎙Active VCs
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Paranormal Discord server. Portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs / UAP, ghosts, cryptids, esp-psi, esoterica, mysteries, folklore, preternatural / supernatural, dreams, forteana, the unexplained, anomalous phenomena, fringe, horror, and more.
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We are a Christian server with two main missions 1) Fellowship with other Christians, and 2) Sharing the Gospel with non-Christians. We have regular Bible studies catered for the 1st mission and we welcome members from every worldview for the second mission.
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Welcome to TITANPOINTE, a server dedicated to openly discussing and debating various truths and venturing further toward mass awakening. When you join, you'll find: • Truly open general discussion chat for both on- and off-topic conversation • Dedicated debate channels • Public information channels accessible to both newcomers and veterans on various topics, from debunking curvature to the “wonders” of outer space • Events and promotions Anyone of any viewpoint, belief, and scientific caliber can join, as long as they have an open mind, stay civil, and follow Discord Terms of Service and our own server rules. Join TITANPOINTE to learn something, discuss the nature of reality and have a little fun!
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The central conceptual theme here at Nameless Debates is an overwhelming focus on the free exchange of ideas, opinions, critiques and compliments that emerges from the sort of open dialogue that we love to promote on this platform.
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Community | Social | Beliefs
This community embraces and explores all types of High Strangeness. From Ghosts and Cryptids to aliens, we have it all!
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Education | Science | Beliefs
A place to help each other learn about various topics, as well as debate in a friendly manner. [18+] [Safe for Work]
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📢Eternal Security📢 ✝️We are a group of believers in Jesus finished work at the cross and the one true salvation gospel. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 Benefits of joining: ✅ Fellowship ✅ Bible Studies ✅ End Time Prophecy Updates ✅ Prayer Request / Prayer Gatherings ✅ Soul Winning, Movie Nights, Custom Emojis and More! 📌After joining please be patient with the verification process as this method is used to weed out the trolls. 📜Jude 1:4 KJV  For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
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Education | Beliefs
Feel free to discuss any aspect of Eastern Philosophy, including religion, spirituality, and practices such as meditation and yoga, as well as metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, and so on. Welcome!
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This is a debate server dedicated to honest unfiltered theological debates.
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ESTRELLAS [english] we are an astrology/tarot/occult server for both experienced & beginner astrology enthusiasts we offer: - in depth guides on beginner astrology, asteroids, medical, horary & more - unique astro study channels - weekly transit info / news correlated to current transits - regular moon phase information updates - daily tarot card pulls/weekly tarotscopes - fun astrology activities & so much more! please join our friendly community!
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Chatroom for integral yoga, integral theory, theology, mysticism, occultism, christianity, zen, tibetan buddhism, sufism, world religions, multidisciplinary, poetry, psychology, philosophy, education, psychotherapy, computer science, video games, cybernetics, game dev, AI, arts & media, music, anime, other hard and soft sciences, news-media, politics, and.. everything. Welcome!
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Welcome to Divine Connection. The place for divination and friendship. Experience Tarot readings Astro charts, Numerology, and many other types of divination
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Welcome to Oriental Orthodoxy, a community for fellow Christians, and your top source for learning about the Oriental Orthodox Church. The Oriental Orthodox Church is composed of the following: • Coptic Orthodox Church • Syriac Orthodox Church • Armenian Apostolic Church • Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church • Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church • Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church To learn more, visit our website:
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A server for politics, With the goal to share ideas and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek the agreement of ideas through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies. We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
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Open discussion on Sikh affairs, including religion, culture, society, music, art, literature, diaspora, and more.
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Prayer Fort is a dedicated Christian prayer group with emphasis on deliverance and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We want to see a mighty move of God, we do group fasting and frequent group prayer sometimes set to music. Let's get in on the discussion!
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Beliefs | Community
Christian Discussion is a dialogue and apologetics oriented server focused on the issues. Get in on the discussion!
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Programming | Beliefs
Selam Aleykum. Muslim Programmers is a community focused on programming and learning feel free to visit.
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Beliefs | Science
Welcome to The Temporal Zone. This is NOT a roleplay server. We have legitimate nonhumans, people experienced in supernatural who possess foreknowledge, antisocial time travellers and other people who have experienced the paranormal. Here you can find knowledge that was obtained by using scientific principles on supernatural phenomena that you can't find anywhere else. The server obtained its goal of uniting nonhumans, time travellers, people with foreknowledge and people who have encountered the paranormal on 2nd September 2020 Disclaimer: We do not tolerate false claims and we are not obligated to show evidence to every single person who joins because of its nature, and it is dangerous to provide such as well to the most.
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aesthetic, fun, active, accepting. AFAA is what we live by st glossy & glossier.
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Hobbies | Beliefs Divination/Bots network: chill/fun fortune-telling group. Talk Tarot, Cartomancy, Runes, I Ching, Scrying, astrology/dreams, esoteric/occult/magick, herbs/crystals, paranormal/fringe, philosophy. Open-minded/welcoming.
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Beliefs | Education
Theological debate server that encourages unfiltered discussions about theology. **We debate:** ✝️ Christianity ✡️ Judaism ☪️ Islam ⚕️ Satanism 🕉️ Deism ☸️ Polytheism ⚛️ Atheism ☯️ Other Topics
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Beliefs | Community
Witchcraft server centered but not exclusive to Eastern Magickal practices.
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Beliefs | Social | Political
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
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Welcome to Christian Apologetics, a branch of Christian theology that defends Christianity against objections. This community is dedicated to teaching the life-saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Allowing Christians and those of other beliefs to engage in discussions, concerns, doubts, misconceptions, or just general inquires regarding the Christian Faith. As well as allow Christians to obtain a better understanding of; or challenge, beliefs outside their own. We welcome all walks of life as long as a few simple rules are followed, and mutual respect is given. Do note though, no one is perfect, we are all sinners. ~An active community of believers ~Vetting system to ensure quality content ~Lots of emojis you can use ~Contests & Monthly Giveaways ~Theological Debates ~Friendly and Attentive Staff
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Beliefs | Community
Welcome all! * different apostolic churches together. * sharing material and information. * dialog. This server is dedicated to hosting discussions on topics such as theology, philosophy and church history between members of the various apostolic churches. We are also a place for sharing resources pertaining to such topics. We voice chat often, usually causal discussions but may also entertain debates.
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Beliefs | Hobbies
Lo-fi community with hi-fi brains for human learning. Discuss insights, trade nostalgia, or tell stories with a tired but motivated Kindred.
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Beliefs | Education
The mission is to establish the evidences so that mankind knows the truth, the Islam. Why is Islam the truth among all ideologies? This is the questions that Islam The Cure will try its best to answer with clear and irrefutable proofs so that truth will be established.
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Community | Beliefs
This the offical discord server for Nuclear Facepalmer, also known as Mjduniverse. Do not forget to check out as well!
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Community | Beliefs
A server for my fellow Tulpas and Tulpamancers to hang out and chat!
Streaming | Beliefs
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Social | Beliefs
Small social and political discord server, we promise this will be the best server you ever join. we want a small tight community of less than 100 people. Our server intends to thrive off of the basic vanilla discord experience in which we only have 1 general chat room and that's it. No dividing the members, its all going on in one place. If you cant handle offensive content please do not join.
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Beliefs | Community
This is a Spirituality focused server bringing together beings into Yoga, Meditation, Compassionate Service and Loving Kindness. Many of us found the path through an Indian Saint Sri Neem Karoli Baba, the writings of Ram Dass, and S.N. Goenka's Vipassana Centers, but we welcome anyone who is sincerely interested in realizing peace of mind and being present here now.
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Beliefs | Gaming
Political discussion server and realistic presidential simulator/gamemode on GTA V Fivem. Join us today and either protect or attack the president.
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Beliefs | Education
İyi seyirler
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Beliefs | Social
Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming Server. Come visit our server to find out more about Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming.
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Servidor de rankup Cisla,
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Beliefs | Community
Serveur FR dedié à l’étude et au partage de l’energetique, spiritualité/esoterisme, paranormal.
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Beliefs | Technology
A spiritual server based on radionics, free energy, ufos, meditation, law of attraction plus more! All are welcome.
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Beliefs | Support
A server where all angels have love & peace <3
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Political | Beliefs
Our server is a safe and welcoming place to learn about scientific socialism from the basics to the complexities.
Political Debate Icon
Political | Beliefs
A Political Debate server with a diverse member group! Daily topics, exclusive ideology channels, and self-assignable reaction roles
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Beliefs | Gaming
Christian PC Gamers is an online community focused on building relationships, playing video games, and living the gospel. We are a community of friends. We try to treat everyone with respect and love. You do not need to be a Christian to join our community. We have people from all sorts of denominations, so check out the site, hop on voice chat, and get to know us.
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Gaming | Beliefs
we do gaming and have fun mainly League of legends
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Community | Beliefs
This is a discord server for otherkin, therians, fictionkin and the like! Come join and make new friends and be apart of the family <3 we're looking to make it more active!
Beliefs | Community
OM! GOD ALONE EXISTS . GOD ALONE IS REALITY . || SSSV 20.10 || OM! THE DISCORD SERVER OF THE SPIRITUALITY & RELIGION OF SATYAVEDISM | 45K+ #spirituality #nonduality #magick #enlightenment #empowerment #manifestation #technology #ai #education #mathematics #science #linguistics #language #veganism #environment #evolution #SATYAVATARA #PARAJAGATAVATARA #SATYAVEDISM
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Art | Beliefs
mehmet volkan yayıncı
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Support | Beliefs
We hate Gacha, it's in the name.
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Technology | Beliefs
The purpose of this server is for Muslims in tech to network with each other in order to enable us to work with fellow Muslims, to start beneficial projects, and to chat, meme, and bounce ideas off of each other.
The P.e.r.s.p.e.c.t.i.v.e Icon
Beliefs | Political
The P.e.r.s.p.e.c.t.i.v.e. is an awesome general discussion/philosophy server where we welcome *ALL* opinions and seek to achieve changing *our* opinions - not the opinions of others!
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Beliefs | Social
Эмпатия / Empathy
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Science | Beliefs
This is a serious discord for discussions about relict hominoids (including Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas, Otang, Orang Pendek etc.) This discord favours more scientific sources and not tabloids, clickbait or low quality top 10 youtube videos. Dissenting opinions and skepticism will be allowed of course as long as you're respectful. This server is a safe place for squatchers and people who have seen this thing with their own eyes.
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Art | Beliefs
Christians at Work Icon
Beliefs | Business
Christians at work - honoring Christ without getting fired.
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Beliefs | Bot
Please provide a description for your server.
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Community | Beliefs
The official Discord server of /r/tulpas. A place for tulpas, hosts, other systems, and all interested parties to discuss tulpamancy and a wide variety of other topics.
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Entertainment | Beliefs
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Bot | Beliefs
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Beliefs | Community
We are the most Catholic, and the most censored. Degenerates such as protestants, athiests, furries, weaboos, incels, lgbt, etc need not apply.
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Community | Beliefs
A chill and passionate community. Our goal is to share with other people near us the ways in which we can support BLM here in Nevada.