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Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. The server includes passive income apps, websites, cryptocurrency trading, blackhatworld methods and more. Make money online.
Join our group and chat with other traders about what’s going on in the market today. We focus on stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional environment for traders.
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Great one-stop-shop server for 50% off DoorDash, money making methods, free airpods method, Hulu accounts and much much more! Join now and benefit from what The Market Place has to offer
Join the BullTradeFinder Server Today and get the latest Options Alerts, Stock Alerts, Breaking Market News and our BRAND NEW AI Stock and Options Alerts powered by Artificial Intelligence!
Welcome to Uts market! I sell methods! Methods to cheap and free Shit, like 56 free money making product methods to do yourself, cheap amazon point method used to buy whatever you want on amazon! Cheap doordash method, AirPod method, and more!! Sika also sells methods like how to get free shoes, free controllers, free nike shit and more!
Stock trader chat room focused on finding breakout stocks to trade daily. I wanted to make a room that could share my time, calls, training videos, settings, scans, etc. There are alot of rooms, and sites, etc.. but none actually help imo. Any other room you can go to and bounce ideas off and people will pump and give their opinions and waste your time. This room is dedicated to help you make money.
Markets, finance, geopolitics, and shitposting. What more could you need?
Crypto Trade Signals - Make money here - Good short, mid, and longterm buys. We are a team of crypto specialists. We provide trade signals based on technical analysis. You can count on us to take care of the complicated part – analyze the market and look for good entry & exit points. Quality Crypto Signals for Binance and Bittrex. With our Premium Membership you also get access to a Cryptocurrency trading bot which does trading automatically in your account.
Lime Social Media Marketing Services In this server we sell Social Media Marketing services. Right now we have amazing prices for Instagram followers and more services will be added in the very near future. Be sure to join to start you social media fame journey!
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Un projet ? JeProjet. Venez vous faire aider dans la création de votre projet et aussi apporter vos propres connaissances. Optez pour JeProjet !
Do you want to earn money fast and easy? Then you came to the right place! We pay you for inviting people to our server. You can earn money by inviting and clicking on ads! We are looking for members so we can grow. Join our server to help us grow. We are looking for staff to run the server!
welcome to BitSwift! Start investing your bitcoin/ethereum today! 55% after 100 hours! (will be doubling this soon once we get more members!) Minimum investment: .0001 BTC/.0032 ETH No withdraw limit! Payouts are done every Sunday and Wednesdays! By either admins or me! (You will need to PM us on that date and give us your TID and proof that you invested!) Any questions just PM me or one of the admins and we'll answer your questions!
Want to become successful in the stock marketing society? Here's the community for you! This is a new community and we will help all members with stock marketing, business, economics, and just anything with money! <- Invitation Be successful right now! Also, please help us gain more members, we have just started.
GrowStocks is an online price checker for Growtopia
Serveur de Lucky7Bonus créé par Bidule
We Love The Earth 🌎 focuses mainly on the Earth, it's a friendly community server where you can talk about many topics. You may ask me: "What does that have to do with the Earth though?" Well Lil Dicky, an American rapper and comedian released a new song called Earth. It focuses on getting that song as many views as possible. The profits generated from Earth streams, views, and merch purchased will be donated to select groups of non-profits that tackle issues such as, climate change, the energy crisis, and sustainable farming.
Bonjour à tous ! Nous sommes une association (de loi 1901, à but non lucratif), et nous cherchons une communauté pour relancer notre serveur!! Nous faisons des streams, nous avons une boutique de vêtements et goodies avec les designs de nos artistes, et nous travaillons sur un album musical ! Nous mettons fortement en avant le coté créatif de chacun d'entre nous! Nous avons plusieurs projets caritatifs dont les fonds iraient à des associations (telles que Petits princes ou WWF). En vous engageants, vous rejoignez une communauté joyeuse, petite mais pleine d'ambitions ! (non sérieux s'abstenir! ;) ) Merci!
Jakarta Copy and Robber Status: Online IP: Players: **/50 Mapname: San Andreas Gamemode: Jakarta CNR v1.1.7
Private discord server for Crypto discussions / private pools crypto
Boost on over to Discord Nitro! The place for everything Discord and Nitro Become involved in a fun and supportive community home to many Nitro subscribers... Meet new friends while sharing the love for discord and its developers, and learn interesting things about what Discord Nitro has to offer! Featuring Nitro giveaways, nitro reviews, game reviews, competitions, events, and many more awesome things for you to enjoy, including our great staff & vanity roles. Everyone is welcome to join the fun; Nitro or not, we'd love to have you!
Um servidor de recompensas entre e tente convidar pessoas para ganhar as recompensas.
The international economics server (IES) was created to teach and raise awareness of economics through society. IES aims at creating a big community of collective intellectuals. Here at IES we have many events taking place, from country evaluation to stock market discussions! Don't know economics? That is not a problem as IES has an outstanding Academy of Economics aimed at teaching everyone for FREE! Join IES toady, become an successful individual!
Our mission is to provide our users supplements which help increase their quality of life, and adopt a more healthy, productive lifestyle. We believe everyone has the right to "Hack" their bodies however they desire in order to gain an edge in this non-stopping, ever moving world.
A server with builders and people to communicate about builds or jobs.
Clash of Clans Finland
Your one stop for free top analysis so you can CRUSH it in the forex market.
Marketplace for The dark side of discord.
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