Your #1 community for stocks, options, forex, and crypto trading where you can make money from our signals and tools.
Your #1 community for stocks, options, forex, and crypto trading where you can make money from our signals and tools.
The server was made to help the new people learn and invest into crypto-currencies, with the main goal of making money from it. You can invest and collect interest weekly.
What is OpenNDA OpenNDA is an non-profit organization to bring people together and collaborate on ideas, and inventions for the better of mankind. Allowing a place with free of mind knowing no one will take your ideas for themselves. Here Entrepreneurs & Inventors as well as Investors come seeking a better way to enhance our lives while you get to make your own terms, and keep sole ownership, unless you decide to sell. What do we offer A one stop shop for your ideas to begin into an actual prototype. We offer you the peace of mind knowing everyone who uses are services are bound by a NDA both parties already accepted. We offer the tools, and services to CAD Design all the way up to Prototype, or just let your ideas become one of many collaborations and have a team!
Pi is a brand new cryptocurrency developed by Stanford PhDs. It is invite only at the minute so you will have to put this code when joining: breixopd14
A dicing server for OSRS and RS3. Weekly giveaways and fun events!
High Traders - Crypto - Stocks - Forex - Gold
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Free advertisement and learn how to earn money online
The premier stock options community on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.
This is a GTA V server with mods. Here, you can buy fast money drops, all unlocks, any level, etc. Very chill server. Have fun.
Global Macro Research is a discord server dedicated to gathering of relevant information and discussions of global macroeconomic situation for research based investing.
Stock market signals & research simplified. Invest more wisely and profit quicker. Synchronized with the most trusted institutional desks on the globe!
CS:GO Trading and Skins • Regular giveaways. (Including knives sometimes) • Price checking channels. • Guides on how to get started in trading.
Habbo Marketplace has faced a second L but we're taking over the Marketplace scene again. Join the biggest Habbo Marketplace online, Join in the fun and chat!
We offer you High Quality Sports Betting Picks. Every single day about 50 Bets.
Receive financial market analyses from a machine learning backed algorithm. Let us do the heavy lifting to provide the best knowledge while you make more safe trades and lock profits quicker.
r/Wallstreet is the Discord Community behind the Reddit Wallstreet community. Come join us to learn about investing or to blow up your whole account in Options Trading. ;)
Crypto Currency Group that aims to create a community where you can talk about the current market situation.
BLCK | CPTL is an online stock and options trading community focused on risk management and building personalized strategies for our members.
This is a server geared towards all types of trading but we mainly focus on Cryptocurrency trading. This server has over 3000 members and is constantly growing!
Welcome to Budget Bounty! Ever wanted to snag the best deals from all around the internet to save some money? We’ll this is the place for you! Every member will be allowed to post any great deals that they find and share it with everyone, and we’ll also have specialized staff members that will always post about deals and promotions even if there aren’t many customers around! I just started this server and want it to grow into something great. I plan on doing weekly contests/giveaways that can include things such as giftcards to go eat, or special promotions for you to use! If any of this sounds good to you, or you just want a group of friends, feel free to stop by! As I mentioned, the server is brand new so there likely won’t be many people at the time that you join, but I promise you it’ll grow into something great that you wont regret joining
Trading partners, shops, CC, PayPal transfers and amazon giftcards. Come and join us!
Sneaker Selling Central is a place to sell and buy sneakers, clothing and collectible items.
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Que retrouverez-vous sur notre discord? Un Contenu 100% GRATUIT! Voici à quoi cela ressemble. Comme vous le voyez, sur la gauche vous avez les différents canaux accessibles pour tous. À droite la partie Tchat où, comme vous pouvez le voir, nous sommes régulièrement en lien avec nos membres. L’important est évidemment d’avoir un espace convivial et d’entraide entre parieurs! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être abonné au Club pour échanger avec des milliers de parieurs! C’est un espace pour tous d’échanges et de convivialité! Voici ce à quoi vous aurez accès en tant que membre Gratuit: Canaux de Discussion: Football ⚽️, NBA , Tennis , etc…). Échangez chaque jour vos avis et vos tickets avec des milliers de parieurs!  Pronostic Gratuit : Nous donnons régulièrement des Pronostics Gratuits! N’oubliez pas d’activer les Notifications! D’autres canaux sont aussi accessibles comme nos articles preview et les compos probables.
We are a fresh new server looking for customers, join us to help us grow. As soon as we get enough ppl we will start our giveaways (nitros & more), we will also start droping random nitro gifts in chat!!!
Cook group for resellers
The "Code to Trade" To Learn, To Succeed, To Help Others!
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Markets, finance, geopolitics, and shitposting. What more could you need?
Centric is a dual cryptocurrency payment network. The first token, Centric Rise, steadily increases in price hourly, offering a reliable store of value and the second, Centric Cash is pegged to the first token and freely trades on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Free discord cook group
Buy and sell Instagram accounts on this discord server! Have an Instagram account you don’t use or want to sell? Or want to see how much your account is worth? If so then join my server! Learn the market and start to make money by buying and selling Instagram accounts Also sell other services you have to offer by earning the Trader role! Start your side hustle flipping Instagram pages today!
Server for discussing stocks and crypto trades. We are NOT a pump group, we just share ideas on markets and try to help each other find breakouts.
Stocks and Options Trading Look for a Day Trade or Swing Trade Idea? We are a community of over 1800 like-minded trader ---> **We offer** - Free Daily Watch List Webinars - Education learn How to Trade - News Alerts - Stock Market Opportunities - Voice Chat for alerts and to ask questions - Free Weekly Study Groups Classes - Penny Stocks to Large Caps We Trade it All
Shop Nitro Classic 1 Mês - 5€ Nitro Booster (Games) 1 Mês - 10€ Nitro booster (Games) 1 ano - 50€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nitro Classic 1 Month - 5 € Nitro Booster (Games) 1 Month - 30 € Nitro Booster (Games) 1 year - 50 € ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Play store card Play store card (10$) - 5€ Play store card (25$) - 15€ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Free Cook Group that will help you earn a sustainable living off of selling sneakers and streetwear from the comfort of your home. The server comes fully equipped with many tools to take your reselling to the next level.