Always Active!!! Debate Server Darth Dawkins Live!!! Serious discussion and tons of epic drama between members. Philosophy Atheist Politics Veganism
Always Active!!! Debate Server Darth Dawkins Live!!! Serious discussion and tons of epic drama between members. Philosophy Atheist Politics Veganism
Always Active!!! Debate Server Darth Dawkins Live!!! Serious discussion and tons of epic drama between members. Philosophy Atheist Politics Veganism
Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat. Discussions both serious and light hearted about politics, culture, books, gaming, computing, sports, and much more. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join. People from other countries welcome too. This is generally a safe for work server, griefers and creepers are not tolerated.
Only civil discussions for politics, society, elections, issues, news, the world, history and military subjects.
Welcome to political discourse done right; an open forum and community for any kind of conversation, debate, or just hanging out, where civility is our top priority.
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn. It is set in the Modern Age. This is a Roleplay Nation Server. The Kingdom of Cambyn RP is set in 2019.
Astéri is an upcoming free speech debate and community server. Topics range from politics to wiping your ass!
This server offers debate, memes, polling, and a variety of channels for you to discuss your interests. It’s time for Bernie Sanders and we’re going to be along side him in his fight for the White House.
We are a group of communist revolutionaries who advocate for a system based on human needs over profit. Debates are welcome!
A right-libertarian oriented MBTI/Enneagram/Instinctual Variant personality type server. Specifically an alternative to the alt-right/ethno-state meme servers.
Hello, we are Political Asylum. We are a political debate/discussion server focused on fostering learning in politics.
Australia is a democratic government server.
Dedicated to talking policy and tracking Bernie Sanders campaign in the primary and the general from a progressive perspective. Very diverse in left-leaning thought and mostly progressive. 200+ members.
Liberty Politics, is a server that allows a wide range of perspectives in political discussion. We are strong believers in Free Speech, and you can say almost anything as long as you aren't abusive to other users.
Sitio cómodo para compartir con nosotros y así fortalecernos con conocimientos que cada uno posea, aportando para una gran microcultura desde nuestro servidor. Aquí se ve mucha amistad entre la gente que juega diversos juegos, como Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 2, Roblox, entre otros.
Virtual rada is Ukrainian parliament simulation. You can fight corruption together with Zelensky, move Ukraine closer to Europe inside Soulidarity, join Opposition Platform to stop the war, and even more! Don't worry if you know little about Ukrainian politics, everyone's welcome here! Join!
The Commune is an Anarchist server wherein people (inclusive of non-Anarchists) can gather together to discuss Anarchism and other related ideologies.
Up for a discussion? Want to debate on a wide range of topics? Want to learn more and engage with members of your community? Come check us out! We are a middle ground for a wide range of topics and offer more niche servers a platform to promote themselves. Partner with us today!
We are Discord's largest DPRK discussion server and are looking for new members!
Our server is dedicated to providing a community for like-minded nationalists to hang out and talk about politics. For those who are not nationalists but are still interested in debate, we have several channels to debate with other members.
Servidor para transmitir información y discutir técnicas de inversión, especulación y arbitraje. Abierto a todas las personas que quieran tanto asesorar como aprender.
Help and understand Political beliefs
Join Virtual Congress Political simulation game called “Virtual Congress” You start out as a member of Congress that can create and vote on legislation and nominations to cabinet or supreme court. You also can run for president or try to become a leader in Congress. It’s a fun way to debate policy or create policy and see how other members think about it. Also we have a budget so if your bill passes and it effects the budget, you can see the consequences.
We are a Discord community for discussion, exchange and debate.
Welcome to Brexitopia We are a discord community dedicated to debates on UK politics, philosophy, economics, international affairs, and current events; and everything in between. We promote a friendly approach to debating and discussion. We accept everyone! You will find lively and knowledgeable members in our text debates, as well as a variety of roles and ranks for political, philosophical, ethical, and economic positions.
Serveur Officiel du Mouvement Hyghminder
Our server is a safe and welcoming place to learn about scientific socialism from the basics to the complexities.
A well organized & moderated server for discussing how society should work, and what we should do about it. Discuss ideologies, current events, and initiatives. Check out resources in our library.
A Political Debate server with a diverse member group! Daily topics, exclusive ideology channels, and self-assignable reaction roles
North Korean culture discord
Neo nazi türk sunucusu
The Colony Io is a humble server created for Debate & Substantive Discussion and for Chilling with Video Games, Anime, and Music.
Our server focuses on an in-depth simulation of the world around us. Play as any (available) nation and create your own path of history. Wether it's warring with your neighbours and achieving domination, or creating world peace, you'll have fun!
Vengeance Patriote est une initiative patriote ayant pour but de faire changer les choses en passant par le développement personnel dans un cadre nationaliste.
Political roleplay server where your goal is to get elected into government and pass laws!